New New computer!

An updating on computers I have owned, for my own personal reference.

1991-1998: E.T., a 486SX 20Mhz, 2M Ram (Later 4M ram), 100M HD  (later 500M HD), CD. Dos 5.0, OS/2 2.0 to 3.0, 2400 modem (later 14.4  Modem). Purchased new from Easterntech, LLC at a Cogan Computer Fair.  Died.

1998-2001: Hippie, a Pentium 90Mhz, 8M Ram, CD, 850M  HD. Windows 95. HP Pavillion 3050, 56K Modem. Purchased used at Captain  Computer. Given to Goodwill, likely deceased.

2000-2002: Compaq Of Doom.  Pentium 120Mhz, 16M Ram, 5G HD, CD-RW, 56K Modem. Windows 98. Compaq  Deskpro XL 5120 Purchased used at a Cogan Computer Fair, co-owned by  sister. Given to Goodwill, likely deceased.

2001-April 2004: The Beyonder:  AMD Athlon 750Mhz, 256M Ram (Later 384), 20G HD, 32M AGP video card,  CD-RW, 56K Modem (later Ethernet). Windows 98. Purchased new from Beyond  Computer, LLC at a Cogan Computer Fair. Died, resuscitated, given to  Slickpuppy, Died again.

April 2004-May 2007: Emma:  Intel Pentium-4 Celeron 2.7Ghz (later Pentium-4 2.8ghz), 512M Ram  (later 1G), 60G HD (Later 200G HD), 128M PCI GeForce MX 4000, CD-RW/DVD,  Ethernet (later USB-based wi-fi). Windows XP. eMachines t2798,  purchased as floor model from Best Buy. Passed along to either Slickpuppy or Mom'goose, I forget.

May 2007- July 2014: Snik: Intel Core 2 Duo  e6600 (2.4Ghz), 2G Ram, 200Gig SATA HD, 256M PCIe GeForce 7600GT,  DVD-RW. Viper case, Windows XP. Purchased in parts from and built by myself. Died.

July 2014-July 2021: Hippie 2: Intel Core i7-4770 3.4 GHz, 12G DDR3 Ram (later 16), ,Intel HD Graphics 4600, Windows 7, 8, 10; DVD-RW,  2TB SATA (7200rpm), 16GB mSATA SSD, (Another HD added later), included wifi. HP Envy 700-229c purchased from Alive currently and headed over to Slickpuppy.

July 2021-present: [Still unnamed]: AMD Ryzen 1700 3.0Ghz, GeForce GTX 1050Ti, 16GB DD4 Ram, 300GV SSD, 1TB SSD, 2 TB HDD; Blu-ray/CD-RW, Windows 10. Cooler Master case, all the ports and wifi and such one might expect. Built in 2017; Passed on to me thanks to dook  and Ralkor Tiger, two dear friends who are very kind to advance my technology after they advanced Ralkor's. :)

Side notes on laptops:
2008-2010?: Dell Mini 9 running Linux . Purchased new, left in backpack which was lost-or-stolen at an Anthrocon.

2012-2017 or so: MacBook Pro of unknown specs, a hand-me-down from warphammer. Eventually got sluggish and battery-failed, now dead.

2017-present: MacBook Pro of also unknown specs, a hand-me-down from my Dad. Starting to get sluggish and the OS will no longer upgrade, but functional enough for the infrequent use it gets. Alice but sits untouched about 350 days a year.



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