Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Oh yeah. I still have a Livejournal. Updates time!

So, there's a lot of updates to cover in the past.. uhm.. while. *cracks knuckles* You all know I have a Twitter at @chefmongoose, right?

As most friends know, I've been a cyborg since February 2015. After some heart issues were discovered, and a good 9 months living with a strap-on emergency defibrillator and medication helping moderately but still concerns.. I had a surgically implanted defibrillator (ICD) put in. It's manage to alert once but not yet shock me. and I've gotten used to it. The first two weeks shen I couldn;t lift my arms above my head were.. a challenge.

Meefer the Escort finally bit the dust, also in February of 2015; a bad axle and a dying clutch and other issues were costly enough to fix it was finally time. 229,000 miles on that car, 15+ years of solid service. I was very content with that car, and now and then i still miss it; taking the curves of Lantern Hill Road at well above the speed limit in neutral was a grand time and I can't quite do that and feel comfortable yet in---

Tug, the (still fairly new) Chevy Cruze! Managed for exceptionally low price with family discount from my Uncle, and a NFCU rebate for the loan, and a USAA rebate for the insurance, and Mom's GM card points, and buying a 2014 model during president's day weekend, etc, etc. It's nice to have things like power windows, USB ports, aux-in for the ipod.. and.. oh yeah.. AIR CONDITIONING. 20,000 miles in on it and very happy.

In late 2014, Gary Benson- my friend since high school- and his wfe separated. He needed money to pay mortgage, I and my roommate Kevin needed cheaper rent. This has been a very good thing for all involved,a nd stayed so when witchiebunny moved in.

Oh, so yeah. witchiebunny . We've been dating since late 2014, after she moved to connecticut. It's been a good time. Lots of complications, lots of mutual concerns and patience.. but fun, laughter, warmth, and love. And I've decided that she's definitely someone I want to keep in my life, and in a thoroughly special way.

So, last Tuesday we went to Block Island, a scenic li'l island off the coast of Rhode Island. A lovely day, from ferry ride to driving about to tasty lunch to the Alpaca farm. And while up at Settlers Rock on the north coast, she looked at the water, and the rock-strewn beach, and said: "I wonder if I should take a rock home as a souvenir."

Luckily, I had a perfect one handy.

So, that's the news. Still the same-ish: Working at VulpineForest, Board of Directors for Anthrocon, Staff Manager for Brand New Conference. Still pretending to be a mongoose on the internet. :)


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