Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

The California trip, part two!

Saturday, September 17th: Lunch at Adamson's French Dip (Tasty but overpriced), a fast drop of some Brand New Conference documents off at FedEx, and then off to Alameda for the Pacific Pinball Museum with arokh, [info]warphammer, [info]kreggan, and [info]archai. Lovely pinball place, a little less impressive than the Silverball Museum in New Jersey, but with a machine that quickly made its way into my top 3: "The Party Zone". Wonderfully wacky pinball, similar to Addams Family but with its own stylish touches. Also Xenon, a late-70's Superman, Hurricane, and a few other nifty machines. We wandered out front, shot the breeze, went back in for another hour.
   Followed that up with good solid BBQ at Emmitt Jones's, and then all back to DragonHaus. Internet while racing was vaguely watched and commented upon.

Sunday: A moderately late start, and lunch at the Sonoma Chicken Co-Op (Rather forgettable, honestly) after which Warp, Kreggan, Archai and I hit Starbucks. I had more Starbucks this trip than in the year preceding. After that, Kreggan headed off to grocery shop, the rest of us to the Computer History Museum! Warp's last-minute membership purchase worked without complication. The museum's full of just wonderful stuff. Archai learned about Abacuses - "No, they're not base 5. You never had one as a kid?",  and we all had a lot of oohing and ahhing. Only managed the first half of the museum at that due to a late start.
  Then, back to the DragonHaus, where I observed and professionally commented on Kreggan's Bolognaise-ish sauce, cleaned out their fridge, and I did up a side dish of peas, onions, and bacon. It might've been more successful had the onions not been cocktail onions, but you work with what's in the pantry some days. A quiet evening with TV and internet.

Monday: Lunch for Kreggan, Warp and I ate at California Sourdough, delicious and wicked cheap. Warp and I continued to Fry's Electronics, which was largely me doing a wander-and-enjoy and Warp being bemused at me barely buying anything . It'd been 7 years since I was at a Fry's, I needed wander-through-one time. I did pick up a laptop sleeve, much needed.
  Then grocery shopping for the night's dinner- I made a salad with feta and soupy[*1] crumbles, couscous, and some beer-and-lemon marinated chicken. Lemons picked fresh from the tree outside DragonHaus. Oh man. So good. So. Good. Then a mellow evening of Venture Brothers season IV and internet. (Sensing a trend? Good. It was a quiet vacation, and TV whilst using a borrowed netbook was exactly the right sort of thing to do.) And Warp zipped out to get me an It's-It. Yummy. :9

Tuesday: Korean BBQ Buffet for lunch. On Eapa's recommendation, though minus her presence. Tasty enough, with a grill-your-own-meats on a little table-center barbecue. Followed by BevMo, which is a.. truly vast liquor and sodas store. Fox-themed Cider and some Sprecher were my grabs, and an enjoyable walk aroudn the store, amused and taking a photo or two of silly beer brands, being enthused to see Vernor's and Cheerwine in the same store. Fiddling with the laptop (MacBook Pro, as yet unnamed) that Warp had given me to replace Lappet, which was lost/stolen at Anthrocon. :P
  This was followed by the logistical nightmare of getting Warp, Archai, Kreggan and terraluna_bat to Indian dinner, while waiting for Astolpho to drop by just to grab something, while bigtig , suerankin , khromat , and Ken were zooming there ahead of schedule, and weren't about to be rerouted to DragonHaus. The lesson is: '7ish is a dangerous time to ish'. Thankfully.. it all worked out okay, though I sort of ate with two tables of people in shifts. All my fautl anyway. Later that night, finished off Venture Bros, said goodbyes to Arc and Kreg, and then to bed.

Wednesday: Up early with Warp for Hobee's in the morning. (Delicious blueberry coffee cake), and then to the airport. Sad final goodbye, and waiting for my flight a long while (Tried to get on an ealrier one on standby. no luck.) Through DFW again, this time with just snack foods, and into Bradley quite late at night. Travelling eastbound added the hours. Kasi Frost was kind enough to grab me from the airport, and with a bribe of Denny's breakfast, delivered me safely home to heavily kerthud to bed, and rather wish I was still in California.

And that was the trip.

[*1] Sorpresatta, that is.

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