Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

2011 Resolutions.

It's been since 2007 since I've done one of these. Some long-wanted things have come to fruition, some slipping has occurred. Let's set forth the plan for '11.

Category One: Things I need to improve.

#1 :Lose weight to 222 pounds by AC, 201.2 by year's end. Weight loss is good (man, did I drop a lot in 2010), more will be better. I've been plateaued at 235, which is both an astonishing drop, and a point I need to push further at. I've adjusted my diet to handle this weight, and pushing it further.. I really need to ponder joining a  gym.. or see about sneaking in to the free one 'For hotel guests' at Wolfie Solar Casino.

#2: Finish the computer. The new hard drive is right there. Ditto the printer. Gotta order a new keyboard, shift key's going ont his one. These need to get connected and set up, which will be a solid day's work, but ought happen.

Continue attacking inboxes, email and physical. Doing well about keeping just what I need to keep of newly incoming mail, but some backlog still needs to be processed. my new phone lets me knock out more of the 'chaff' quickly, and I need to get much more focused on the 'wheat' getting quickly dealt with. I let it stack up too often, though I'm better about it now.

#4: Do things more resulting in long-term benefits, especially as regards friends and family, over quick and simple short-term things.  Delayed gratification. LJ posts over twitter posts. Do AC stuff first. etc.

Category Two: Things I really shouldn't be spending money on...
My budget needs a ratchet more tightening to get things how they should be. So, taking a break specifically from:

#4  Alcohol. I've mostly trimmed this out my budget, but let's make this stick: No alcohol purchases. Exceptions: Housewarming gifts and the like, hard cider for Furfright, or perhaps cooking sherry.  Nothing I'm going to drink, in simple. You're allowed to buy me a drink if you like, mind.

#5 Artwork. Outside of C4C and TAZOM, I'm going to avoid buying commissioned art  except for cons; and C4C is a 'collect these at Anthrocon' project; TAZOM likely to next be doled out at AC unless an opportunity drops in my lap. Otherwise, I need to call in outstanding commissions with some emphasis, and hold off on buying more. Feel free to deliver gift art, though.

#6 Eating out, alone. Expections: road food for overnight trips (Anthrocon, etc) and not dining alone..but mostly? I need to cut out the occasional impulse munch, from the pricier choices to the $1.19 Slurpee/candy bar combo at Cumberland farms. Unless I'm dining with someone, it's groceries or work food. I need eat less anyway.

Category Three: Miscellaneous.

#7 Get to California. 28 years, about, since I've been there. It's far too long, and far too many friends live out there. There'll be some trick in doing it, though;  vacation time runs thin as it is. Maybe this'll be the first year i give Furfright a pass.

#8 Keep up with Test Drive Tuesdays when the weather's nice. for those of you not following on Twitter, I've been taking Tuesday afternoon before work as a nice spot to test drive cars, looking for Meefer's eventual replacement. Hopefully that's a 2012/2013 purchase, but I need to get ready now and feel out everyone's small cars.

#9 Get all my junk out of Mom's place. I've been moved out nearly two years now; I shouldn't let anything linger. Get the finality of my things over here, and sift the junk out to Goodwill or trash. That's as much as I can guaranteed-control in Mom's house, it'll be a start.

#10 Call friends and family more. I'm not very good at initiating phone calls, and I  really need to start doing so. I've become a bit too insular, and spend a lot of time talkign to folks on computer. Which is good, but I need just _call_ folks more. I have unlimited calls on the home phone. gotta do it.

I think that'll cover it for 2011.
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