Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Sled Dog University 2009 is not Baylor 1999, volume 1

(Very busy with too many things to list, especially the move, FYI. Don't be surprised to see me minimally online until February. Also: I now am on tweeter as ChefMongoose, but it's sporadic with receiving phone updates.)

So, I'm working at Sled Dog University today on grill, and past me walks a student wearing a grey fox tail. White guy with glasses, messy hair, rather typical-looking for a college kid and/or furry.

..this is not so surprising as you might expect, due to a few mentions in the college newspaper's SMS-length Letters to the Editor section (which is distinct from their usual letters section) about 'the tails kids'. Which.. I figured to be exactly what I saw here. So when said student walked back past the grill, I of course piped up. "You know, either college fashion has really changed since I was a student, or I'm not the only Furry here at UConn."

And I got the following rather surprising answer: "Well, you're not the only furry here at UConn. But most of the students who wear them aren't furry, it's a pagan thing. Nature and such." "Huh. Really." "Yup!" And then he went on to the eatin', and then me back to the cookin'.

Ten years since I've been in college, and let me point out the salient points here.
#1: Students are WEARING TAILS to classes and to lunch at college. This is considered odd but acceptable behavior. This would not have been so 10 years ago.
#2. Students who are NOT FURRIES are wearing the tails. This breaks my brain.
#3. A student who was a furry (though his answer, come to think of it, was noncommittal as phrased) found out I was one - and then that was that. It wasn't anything rare or special; It didn't lead to hours of conversation and an exchange of contact information. It was like "Oh hey, I'm from Boise too!"

Sled Dog University 2009 is not Baylor 1999, that's for sure.


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