Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

The movement plan: Volunteers requested!

So, as mentioned in a prior post, my roommate Kevin will be heading up from Frederick, Maryland to Frogthread [*1], Connecticut. This gets slightly complicated as Kevin does not drive. Note: That is not 'does not have a car', that's 'does not drive'. Therefore, we've evolved a rough plan of attack involving my driving down, and towing my car back north on trailer behind a U-Haul (or comparable).

Where y'all come in is in this: If anyone could be available Wednesday, January 28th, from about 1pm until we finish, it would be appreciated. We're not sure how long it might take; it could be very rapid or an all-day process. The more folks whom are available to pitch in, the more it would be appreciated.

There will be the rather standard and usual bribes of foodstuffs and beverages; this may be the local restaurant, Black Hog BBQ (which has a very convenient parking lot we might be negotiating use of.). Hopefully we'll finish all early enough to have a relaxing evening, and let everyone get home at a safe and reasonable hour. Kevin and I will depart in the morning after a tolerable night's rest on sleeping bags in an otherwise bare apartment, and drive up to Connecticut. We'll have greater time available to unload the truck there, but anyone wanting to stop by Frogthread after about 6pm Thursday, January 29th or anytime on the 30th, your help will be welcomed.

Please contact if you can help!

Relevant addresses:
125 S Market Street, Frederick MD -- Starting point
42 Wilson Street, Frogthread CT --ending point


{*1] Not the real town name; if you go a google search for 'frog thread' it'll become evident. :)

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