Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Okay. Okay. Collective gut-check time.

Some of you folks know I own the domain name. I got it fairly early on, it's been graciously hosted by Francisco on the server. I *like* the domain. It's nice to be able to send off missives from mongoose @

That said, I've received an offer- seeming legitimate- offering purchase of the domain for $1400. That's.. a good chunk of money, roughly a month's pay for me. The purchaser would be able to meet all my requirements which I've had in mind if I ever did sell the domain: Three months email account forwards, other things.

Now, I do have another domain at Not a bad domain to have, and it's where I wanted to port the Anthroportal, eventually. If I ever get around to working at it... and Email could either be switched there, or to

So. Gut-check time for me. Do I sell it? Do I keep it? Should I raise the price? (There's already been a bump from their initial offer of $1200 if I can have the domain transferred within a week, rather than my initial estimate of 2-3 weeks to transfer.).

What do you think, folks? This is.. big stuff. I could use advice. $1400 is a lot of money. But once is gone, it's gone.



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