Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Significant news: 2008, 2009 and the big changes.

2008 was a year of a lot of significant travels and wide-ranging experiences. Getting the passport, going on the cruise, visiting several brand-new states and countries, running Anthrocon Registration with reasonable success, quitting VulpineForest[*1] at long last, a two-month road trip, a fairly rapid stint at a local pizza parlor that was pleasant but insufficiently paying, and a few personal experiences I'm just not going to talk about on public LJ, ahem. :) 2008's active words were 'travel' and 'explore', 2009's look to be 'shift', 'stabilize' and 'improve', I hope. 

Well, the new job at Sled Dog University[*2] has had its ups and downs. The positivity of it has been a relaxed work environment, a chance to already shine and set myself well towards potential promotion. The downsides.. well, this is a a college cafeteria. More of the food arrives via Sysco than I'd like, and more of it yet needs a little extra oomph that could turn it from acceptable but drab to "Hey, this is pretty good." If I can help turn food from okay to pretty good here, pushing on some of my slacker co-workers (and yes, quite a few are..), I'll count it an excellent success. I don;t figure on turning them into gourmet, mind; and I will ponder if this non-gourmet place is where I want to be in the long term. But it's the right place for the medium-term, due to some certain advantages.

One of those has been a two-week Christmas break between semesters, with the ability to do some travels and see folks, particularly Kevin, aka Slickpuppy. He and I have been chatting as of late, and he's grown ready for a change in his situation, in a town he's being priced out of and a job he's grown a bit stagnant in. And I was looking vaguely for a roommate given apartment prices near Sled Dog U. I am growing rapidly frustrated with a commute that's fifty-seven minutes on a good day. While there are some one-bedroom places in town that might be manageable and comfortable, the two-bedroom places were better, and.. well, things just fit well. So we decided why not.

And lo and behold, a place turned up in Frogthread[*3] that's two bedrooms, spacious closets, a fifteen-minute commute for me. Furthermore, it's downtown and on the bus line, which is important for Kevin, who does not drive. On this Christmas break, I drove down to Frederick MD, and after a few days there (Including hanging out with Rhennessa), we drove up to Connecticut, for him to check it out, and also have Christmas with me and the Mom'goose. It was gratifying indeed to give him his first proper Christmas since 2002, complete with turkey, stuffing, presents, and a bit of lingering snow still about. And he liked the apartment, liked Frogthread, and liked the overall time in Connecticut. I figured he would, but this is important stuff to be sure about, of course.

A few days after Christmas, I brought him back to MD, and we decided forthrightly to do dis here thing. After loading up car with schtuff of his, I headed north to Lancaster, PA the next morning; visiting a while with warphammerWarphammer, and getting a tour of stuff from his childhood. It's fascinating learning more about people, and I think I see a little more about the hows and whys of him from seeing where these formative things happened. Later that day we had sushi with gryph0nSkan, and then did Laserdome with him and Chux- much fun, especially with Skan and Chux able to get me and Warp in for free. :) The next day, convoyed with Warp and his dad to check out the Piper Aircraft Museum in a nowhereish town in mid-north Pennsylvania, then to New Rochelle, NY to hang out with Everguest for a bit, then back home.

Now, as regards apartment: The background check money is in; should all go well the security deposit goes down a week from Friday, and I get the keys.. six days before the lease actually begins, due to the kindness and vacation timing of the Apartment Agent, who technically would be a landlady but doesn't actually own the house. (It's odd, but, apparently they subcontract for a lot of houses, duplexes, condos and whatnot.). There will be a very rapid move of Kevin's stuff on January 28th and 29th, which I will cover in an upcoming post, including polite please for assistance.

So very shortly, I'm moving out of Momgoose's house, a place which (apart from college) has been my main residence for twenty years. This is my first actual apartment (my time at Baylor included school-owned dormpartments, a whole different ball of wax), and this is a significant change for me.. but it's arriving at a good time. Good reasons, and a roommate I can highly trust. I'm hopeful 2009 will be a year of positive change, and adventure on a smaller, more inexpensive scale.


[*1] Not the Indian Casino's real name.
[*2] Not the NCAA Division I-A school's real name.
[*3] Not the Eastern Connecticut town's real name.

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