Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Hmmm. Interesting LJ go-around.

This one goes along the lines of: "If you call me X, then Y." So, in alphabetical order, if you call me...

Babu or Babu-Babu: then you are a Chinese co-worker of mine. This nickname is due to Kuo-chang, who informed me ice cream trucks in China go 'babu-babu'.
bighoof: then you are Brayer, see under 'Entau'.
Bob: then you are likely a close friend, family member, co-worker, or someone who has met me in person.
Bobby: then you are in mortal peril.
Bobi: then you are Puerto Rican.
Brazos: then you knew my old alt on Unbridled Desires.
C.L.: then you are austin_dern.
Chiaroscuro, Chi, Chia, Chiar, Chiaro, etc: then you know me from FurryMUCK or FluffMUCK, or perhaps via Anthrocon. It's a given you're a furry.
Chio: then you are spengler or his sister Deanna (Regina on FM).
Chipper, Chip, etc: then you know me from SinaiMUCK.
Entau: then you know my Trinidadian Clydesdale Centaur character from Unbridled Desires MU* or FluffMUCK.
Furhoo: then you know me from The Kill Everyone Project.
Goose: then you are likely Bradley or Skoob, though you may just be one of the folks from the 'Mongoose' entry below.
[censored] or [censored] then you know my semi-secret alts on FurryMUCK.
Manguuza: then you are Feverpetal.
Mongi: then you are Tricuspa, and I will call you 'pangobango' back.
Mongoose: then you probably know me from one of the following: Baylor University,, Anthrocon regstaff.
Mongoosieloosie: then you are Eapa, and I've probably just called you 'snakieshakie'.
Mr. Themyst: if you're nasty.
Rayonnant, Ray, Rayo:Then you know a certain raccoon on FluffMUCK.
Robert: then you know me RL but probably are just an acquaintance, or just can't seem to wrap your mind around calling me 'Bob'.
Slinkman: then you are Slickpuppy.
The Mystic Mongoose: then you know me from Usenet, from newsgroups such as rec.arts.comics.misc or Or, you may know me from The Jihad To Destroy Barney. It's likely you knew me from 1998 or before.


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