Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst


So, on the way driving back home from Sled Dog University[*1], I noticed the wiper blades moving slowly and the interior lights dim. This.. has happened before on my way home from work, but that was a 10-mile drive, not a 40+-mile one. And that time Meefer needed a new battery.. and a new alternator.. and mind, that was back in MAY. I managed to make it about the ten miles of previous experience to Foxy Fast Lube. Yes, that's the real name of the place. I'd gotten my oil changed there two days ago and they seemed like solid professionals,a nd they diagnosed it was the alternator.

Thankfully, with some calm-down help from Warphammer and a few phone calls from one of the employees, I managed to get a tow to a house. Not my house, which was still 35 miles away, mind; to the house of Javier[*2], a local mechanic. As all the garages were closed that day, and I needed Meefer moving if possible, that night, I was prepared to take the risk of putting things in the hands of a guy working out of his backyard.

He rapidly concurred with the Alternator diagnosis; he removed said alternator and we took it to AutoZone in his beat-up Toyota with the Flag of Panama dangling from the rear-view mirror. They did a test, confirmed that the 5-month-old alternator was shot (And my regular mechanic who sold me it will hear about this...), and I bought a new one. Or a 'remanufactured' one, since that's what they had.

Thankfully this one worked- Javier did rapid and excllent work, while telling me of his three years in jail for selling drugs. "The worst times. Glad that's behind me.", he relayed, in his decent-enough English.. A quick juant tot he ATm to get enoguh cash to settle the bill, and I'm on my way.

So, while I was in the hands of good, capable people after the breakdown: this, plus computer trouble. (Spontaneous reboots happening almost every time after 20-30 minutes now. I'd think it's overheating but everthing's whirring along nicely it seems.) have made for a very rough day. and I'll only manage abotu 3 hours of sleep tonight, then be off to work, THEN be driving to FurFright. If I'm acting like a zombie there this weekend, it won;t be thematic, it'll be exhaustion.


[*1] Not the four-year public university's real name.
[*2] Not his real name out of politeness, since I'm mentioning he was a felon.
Tags: alternator, meefer, sled dog u

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