Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

The Thirty names yadda yadda.

All these people gotta be on LJ, and have I have to choose one. Very tricky in some cases, and some questions require modifiers like "That I haven't" or "Well, in one sense." or "Not that I would but.."

01. bigtig
02. buran
03. murakozi
04. iron_raptor
05. raptor_midway
06. koogrr
07. gyngerfox
08. gyngerfox and we kinda did!
09. warphammer
10. kcarp
11. warphammer
12. shirotenshi
13. uncle_kage
14. horsewoofie
15. chariclo not for my sake, mind.
16. motherkalea
17. warphammer but there's so much to explain on that.
18. snowmane_uni
19. tyrrlin
20. koogrr
21. warphammer
22. drakegrey
23. uncle_kage Weell duhr.
24. eapa
25. logoguara
26. reptilemammal
27. gabrieli
28. warphammer
29. warphammer
30. Be excellent to each other.

To further explain: There's thirty names you give in response to questions. You only send the questions, by discreet email, if someone promises to answer them in their LJ.


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