Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

State of the mongoose

The job hunt's going into fuller force this week. Pounding the pavement, dropping off resumes, networking, all the usual and thorough things associated with job hunts. .. been seven and a half years since I did this. Way rusty.

Watching my overall finances carefully. The trip was money well spent, but now I'm in cheapskate mode. MFF grows less likely, with the cost of getting there alone getting high. FurFright I'm likely to do, but unless I find a roommate shortly- someone I'd really like to room with, mind, not J. Random Fuzzy- I'm likely to cancel the room and just drive back n' forth. Likely with a new job, that's what I'd have to do anyway. WoW is done when the latest month expires- fun as it is, the cost per month for the time spent just isn't worth it right now. And I don't need more timesinks, at least not until I get Ye Job.

Coupled with all this is a growing sense, built over this vacation, that it's time to move. I'm just about at exasperation points with Mom'goose, as beneficial as the finances have been on both our parts. It's grown time to- and I know this shall sound egotistic- to give benefit now to someone else's life by living with them. Benefit in emotional support, companionship, and financial all in time. I'm not necessarily talking about a romantic relationship here, though that's been something I have chased and shall chase. Might be a relative, or just a roommate.. but the gnawing of the thought rat at my brain is that "You're in the wrong place now. Someone else needs your presence and support, more than your Mom does." I'm not fulfilling potential that I could be.

In less deep of thoughts: Anyone know of a good, preferably free program or method for making org charts?

Tags: job, money, move

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