Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Random facts and statistics about the trip.

Miles driven: 8,700 (approx)

Most visited chains: White Castle, Sonic, Wawa (3 stops each)

States visited: 27 (and the District of Columbia)
States visited for the first time: 7 (South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alabama)
States driven through without stopping: Delaware

visited 27 states (54%)
Create your own visited map of The United States or determine the next president

Furry couples whose home I visited: 5
Couples which consisted of one really skinny man and one non-skinny[*1] woman: 2
Couples which consisted of two males, one of whom having a thing for latex inflatables: 2

Money spent on hotels: $35 (one night in an Air Force Inn)

Percentage of people whom I shared a bedroom with, whom left the room that night to sleep in another room because of the volume of my snoring, making me feel guilty and making sure I'd be the one to relocate in future nights: 50%

People who had things for me to bring to someone else living in another state 'since I was going that way': Mom, Grandma Kane, Uncle Mark, Tiffany (cousin), Grandpa Armstrong, Dad, Kristen (sister).

Fellow Anthrocon Board members visited: 6

Most expensive gas purchased: $4.12, Ohio
Least expensive gas purchased: $3.37, New Jersey

Movies seen in theatre on vacation: 4 ( Prince Caspian, Wall-E, Iron Man, Hancock)
Movies seen in theatre in 2008, before vacation: 0

Museums or attractions, primarily focused on:
Architecture : 2
Art: 1
Aviation/space: 3
Edgar Allen Poe: 1
Corn : 1
History: 2
Music: 1
Presidents: 2
Science: 1
Texas: 1

Zoos visited: 5 (Lincoln Park, Grant's Farm, Houston, Palm Beach, Lion Country Safari)
Zoos which had mongooses: 1
Zoos which had mongooses if you include those scene-stealing meerkats: 3

SD cards filled with pictures: 4

Percentage of beaches visited which were on Lake Michigan: 100%
Times I said "Wait, your apartment complex has a swimming pool and I'm only finding this out NOW?" : 3

Maximum speed achieved: 113 miles per hour (on I-10 in Texas)

MREs eaten: 6

Things I wish I'd packed: sketchbook, nail clippers, that darn Dave&Busters card from Arundel Mills with $10 of game credits on it that's not transferable to other D&Bs.

[*1] : Attractive ladies, mind! What lucky schmoes those twigs are to have 'em. :)
Tags: road trip, stats
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