Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

North, the final vector.

Monday I and my sister did Lion Country Safari, which was rather fun.. and on the cheaper side of Florida events. (I was vaguely hoping to do EPCOT, but she was unenthused about it, and I want to do EPCOT with someone who would be enthused to be there.) Also went to Boomers, which is a Dave&Buster's minus the TGIFriday's and plus minigolf and go-karting. Quite fun.

Tuesday I headed north, met up with koogrr again for lunch, and then north to Cary, NC to stop with krin_o_o_. Wednesday we had some North Carolina BBQ (ahr nom), and then northward further.. stopped at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum in Richmond, VA. Small but quite nice, and the "Poe in Comics" exhibit had some wonderfully wacky stuff. That night I made it to Rigel and xydexx's place.

Thursday, off to murakozi's in Herndon VA, and went to Frying Pan Farm, where goats and horses slobbered on my shirt. Still hashing out plans for today, but likely to include board game night with Rigel and Xydexx.

The remainder of the trip should shake out roughly like this:

Saturday: Baltimore most of the day, staying in Frederick MD
Sunday: DC for most of the day, staying in Frederick MD
Monday: To Philadelphia.
Tuesday: Miscellaneous NJ/NY stops.
Wednesday: Return home.
Thursday: Panic attacks over future decisions of life, dwelling, career and relationships. And catching up on Podcasts. Repeat until I have a job.

--Chiaroscuro, filling up his third SD card with pictures.

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