Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Welcome to Miami. Bienvenidos A Miami.

So, outside of the Museum of Aviation, Warner Robins and my visit with Dad and his GF was altogether boring. Was hoping to get a day in Atlanta or Macon on Monday; instead, we unloaded a truck full of furniture and then stayed in the house all day. At least there was Internet catchup time- and I dearly need some of that, I'm craving it now that I'm down in Florida- but Dad and sundry didn't want to leave the house. did the museum on my own. Eh.

Orlando was a lot nicer; met up with Colson, then later koogrr (Sasta). Had art and anime with him, Jordan and Wendy; as well as some talking about relationships and multibreasted 'taurs. Tropical Storm Fay pounded all that Wednesday and into Thursday morning; Sasta's place sprung leaks even. Then down to West Palm Beach to hang out with my sister, and develop vehicular trouble. This time, the key stuck in the ignition. Rather than pay a quoted $600 for repairs, for $100 warphammer, archai and Locksmith Lady all helped formulate an alternate $110 plan. So a duplicate key was ground, I bought "The Club", and now I have sufficient vehicular anti-theft to get me home to Ct, where I will yell at the mechanic that supposedly fixed the cylinder back in May.

Delaying with this took a lot of Thursday and early Friday; after which Kristen and i headed to Vizcaya in Miami. Very pretty mansion and grounds, the building of which employed about a tenth of the working population of Miami at one point. Many pretty pictures taken (outside only though). Then to Rainforest Cafe, some mall-wander, and back to her poorly air-conditioned place.

Today I hung out with my Cousin Andrew, did the Palm Beach Zoo (good, bird-heavy) and the local Science Museum (small and overpriced.) Looks like Tuesday or Wednesday I'll begin the traveling northward, depending on what my sister can plan/afford and how much of this humid state I can take with my no-air-conditioning car. (Note: The air conditioning is not broke. It never existed.)

--Chiaroscuro, quoting his sister:
"I wouldn't have figured there'd be so many goth kids in Florida. It's too *hot* for black!"

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