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A lot of St Louis stuff is Warp showing me the town. I still can;t quite.. figure the size and shape of this city like I can New York, which is vaster but tighter. In NYC I know where the Bronx and Soho and Houston Street and such are. St Louis.. not quite yet. And outside from one GPS-led drive to Silverthorne's hotel, to get the camera I left in his car, warphammer has been the one driving.

Mind, things like Sirius Radio, big plush Lincoln seats, and air conditioning are very good reasons to take his car, and then, he's driving. Still, when he has to work on Wednesday-Friday, I might do more tooling about the city to try and learn this place a little more.

Sunday Warp, Silverthorne, and I visited Grant's Farm, which was nice. Clydesdale stables had the big ol' hosses; the 'farm' portion had lots of grazing animals.. buffalo. Texas longhorns, Red Deer, other hoofers; and the zoo had super-cute fennecs and Bald Eagles with droopy wings. Poor guys. A lot of the "These birds are too injured to return to the wild" things, one can't see exactly why.. but in these, you could see the wings hanging limpish. Sad, even though one knows they're being well-cared for.

Monday, some tooling around the city. saw some of the Missouri History Museum, which had a very neat flight section and a exhibit on the World's Fair that was held there. The mindboggling.. size of the World's Fairs is something I never quite grasped before. Big. Biiiiiiiiiig. After that, hung out with Basher for a bit, then to get num num Caramel frappe at Coffee Cartel. Yes. Name is groovy.

Today, off to Springield, IL. mmm. Pizza machine.

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