Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

I owe a trip update

Indeed, Iowa trip update. Arrived here later than my ETA.. which hasn't happened before this trip. I think the GPS giving me estimates based on my driving 75 miles an hour is the culprit. Now, I actually often will drive that speed, but usually I'm outracing the speed limit significantly. At 1am, I'm barely keeping to it. So, at Tyrrlin's place, late.

It's been good. Tyrr's place is nice and spacious, and her Dyson Absolute Animal Vaccum Cleaner is keeping her cat Sarge's hair at amazingly low levels. I'm not watery-eyed nor frequently sneezing. If at some point I live with anyone who owns a cat, be forewarned, one of these devices will be purchased.

It's been a mix of mellow stuff- minigolf, buying groceries, Taco John's (yum Potato Oles) and Scrabble; and tourist escapades- Edgar's Ice Cream Shop, Corn Palace, National Music Museum. Plus scraping her Yamaha Zuma scooter trying to learn it. (Sorry Tyrr! Really, it's an ittybitty scratch!) Good times indeed.

Here until Friday morning, then down to St. Louis on the 1st of August. That'll be a long and thoughtful drive, for reasons a few folks know. Should be there until rrroughly the 8th. It'll be nice to have access to computers that I can do the quinella of IM, LJ, MUCKs, Email, and SL on. I'm rather missing the MUCKs especially. Haven't been able to do those since Tigerwolf's.. the n800 makes it tricky to the point of not wanting to bother, and other people I visit don't want me installing MUCK clients on their machines.

Keeping a close eye on money. Expenditures have been reasonable, but I'm still being sent on my way from Iowa with MREs Tyrr had leftover.

--Chiaroscuro, and sheesh does Song Summoner suck up battery life from an iPod
Tags: road trip

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