Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Trip updates!

Here I Am in South Lyon, MI, taking advantage of one of the advantages of driving in here instead of flying here: the ability to now and then take my car and drive someplace instead of watching three hours of Game Show Network with the grand'gooses. ?This should not imply I'm not enjoying times with them, far from it. It's good spending time, and I'm gladly helping them out with choresand such, and appreciate time with my Grandfather, whom Alzheimer's is starting to hit hard on. I think I arrived here just towards the end of the time he's going to be able to recognize mer. *isighs* Iit's saddening but there's been an overall feeling that this is a trip at the right time.

Especially as I find out, three weeks after I've left Foxwoods, my Sous Chef has been transferred to another restaurant, two Executive chefs have been fired, and my restaurant is going from 7 days a week to 5. The place is falling apart without me. I am trying not to feel the Schadenfruede. Trying.

Visiting with Kage was a pleasure as always, especially this visit including dinner with his parents. In interest of letting him tell the full story for Story Hour later, I won't discuss here just what was on that CD someone gave Grandma Kage. :)

Pennsylvania seriously needs a rest stop somewhere in the last HUNDRED WESTBOUND MILES. But that was survived, Fizz otter met with and subsequently Gir, Raeth, and others I cannot now recall. A shame I had to get going to the grand'gooses before Drunken Legos time.

I hope all goes well with folks. Wednesdayish I should be in Dayton, OH, and wiull most likely hit the Chicagoish region on Saturday. Once again, 860 961 6462, I have unlimited SMS, get in touch.

--Chiaroscuro, slurping down his second Espresso Con Panna

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