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The trip, the news, and baby birds

So, I attended Anthrocon unemployed. That's the middle of the story.

As some of you know, back in December of 2007 I accepted the position of Acting Director of Registration for Anthrocon, Inc. 'Acting' meaning all of the responsibility plus the additional worry that I'd screw it up badly enough by Anthrocon they'd get someone else. I rather promptly put in for the time off at Foxwoods. As I've done years before, and with the anticipation of troubles, as in years before. Anthrocon is held pretty close to July 4th each year, which is a busy time at Foxwoods. I've had to wrangle time and schedules in thoroughly annoying manner, and one year, had to use sick days (with blessing of my chef) to attend. So I expected of course difficulty.

After negotiating down from a 9-day 5-vacation days vacation to a 6-day 2-vacation days vacation, I thought things would be manageable. But, my vacation got denied. Appeals didn't help. A letter from Uncle Kage himself saying "Hey, we need Chi to run stuff, can we talk?" went unanswered. So, I eventually presented them two weeks notice for my departure from Foxwoods. (With a codicil that I would withdraw such, if they would give me the damn time off.) That turned around my head chef's opinion., and he finally realized how much this meant to me.. by then, though the executive chefs had been involved. And they rode the hard line.

So, Monday June 23rd  was my last day there. Seven years and seven months. A departure with honor, if not the way I was hoping to leave. And then I went to Anthrocon, which was a blur of registration, board meetings, yakking with Dad, food good and bad, and snuggles from the winged. (I'll hopefully tell more about Anthrocon further in the next few days, but no promises, or Tricuspa will yell at me more.). I left feeling relieved and refreshed, despite extreme lack of sleep. I came home and crashed hard, and readied the plan. Some time to get life in order, my stuff and stuff Mom'goose needs done around the house (whee, driveway retarring), and then a road trip. A.. significant road trip. is the latest route. While dates are likely to flux, here's the rough schedule. 'And visit' means stays that will be longer than overnight, obviously.

July 10th: Departure, staying in PA
July 12th-17th: Through Cleveland to South Lyon, MI and visit.
July 18th: Down to Dayton, OH
July 19th: Up to Merillville, IN
July 20th-22nd: Up to Barrington Hills, IL and visit.
July 23rd-25th Up to Milwaukee and visit.
July 26th-July 31st: Out to Sioux City, IA and visit.
August 1-August 7th: Down to St Louis, MO and visit.
August 8th-9th: Through Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Waco, TX
August 10th-11th:  Down to Houston and visit.
August 12th: Over to Alabama.
August 13th-15th: Up to Crossville, TN and visit.
August 16th-18th: Down to Warner Robins, Ga and visit
August 19th-25th: Down to West Palm Beach, FLA and visit
August 26th: Up to Cary, NC
August 27-29th: Up to Herndon VA/ Frederick MD/ Baltimore MD and visit.
August 30th-31st: Flexible time in/around Philly, New Jersey, NYC area
Sept 1st: Drive home.

So here's the skinny. If you are near to any of these stops, and available.. do let me know. Plans are still pretty flexible for me, and I'd like to visit with friends, even if it might just be lunch and I'm zooming along.

If anyone is remotely along the Houston-Alabama path, that's gonna be a heck of a drive for me. I may want to break it up, and I'm willing to sideways it a little.
Ditto for the Dallas/Waco area, where I currently don't have a night's stop planned. I can always get a hotel, but I'm unemployed and will shamelessly ask for couch space.
Also: If anyone along this path has an old laptop that they're not using, is wi-fi capable and wouldn't mind passing along: I'd take it off your hands. I do not actually expect this to occur, but, something a bit more LJ-conducive than the n800 would be a benefit.

I'll be available on the road via cell phone (860 961 6462), and will have at the least the n800, plus borrowing of computers. FurryMUCK, SL, WoW.. don't expect to see me much there. But SMS, Email, LJ I should be able to get time on.

Oh, and on a totally different note: There's a family of Carolina Wrens that decided the space between the air conditioner and edge of window is perfect for nesting. Four li'l peepity wrens are keeping Mom and Dad Wren busy. Cute little things. Peep peep. Peep peep. All day long. Peep peep.

I have the feeling if I didn't take this road trip, I'd be going "Hey Nag? Was one enough? Here, eat your fill." *punt* All day long peep peep.

Tags: anthrocon, foxwoods, road trip

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