Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Anthrocon Report: Saturday, July 07, 2007

The usual early rise and jaunt down to registration. We set up well and quickly enough that bigtig, drleo, derechodragon and I had time for breakfast at the bagel place in the Westin corridor. Num for broccoli salad and bagel. Saturday morning had a modest turnout.. most of the con's arrived already, and we handled stragglers, questions, and one-day passes predominantly.

Got some worrisome messages from murakozi, who later turned out to be stuck in evil traffic, aww. On positive side, the Hotel guys who came through Registration gave us a Ben Rothlishberger/Steelers pennant, with 'Big Ben' on it. This was immediately set up upon Bennie's computer.  I managed to get away for more strafing runs of the Dealer's Room and Artist's Alley for a little while, and get some pictures of the it-never-ends Fursuit parade while there. Huzzah! I got my nose poked into the art show just before adult art (Yiffer had more Baylor Birdies! Darn him!) went to auction, and then zipped out for the Kevin n' Kell social at The Spaghetti Warehouse. A fine time with Bill Holbrook, Charline, T'chall, Commander Kitsune and some others, good plentiful food, an excellently accommodating waiter, and seeing the new secret Kevin&Kell animation!

Afterwards, hung out a bit with warphammer and Kreggan while they ran the Photo Session.... then caught the last smidge of the Masquerade with Tyrrlin, and then Kage's Story hour for the first time since 2004. ... and fell asleep during it. (No, Kage, you were great! But 4 hours of sleep and a comfortable, seated, dark-lit environment.. well.. look, I fell asleep at my Grandmother's Funeral for the same reasons (plus snoring cousins and trying to sleep on a couch, so what sleep I got wasn't good then.. okay, I'm digressing.) Afterwards, got a little chat time with Warphammer, sorely needed... and followed that by starting off some ZenBall over in the convention center. Had a fine time doing such, though I need to figure out a better way to both #1 explain it and #2 keep the circulation moving smoothly. Maybe setting up more unique prime divisors. Austin, I might consult you.. eh, nah  it's Skan's game. let him worry. :) After that, headed back to the room and ker-crashed.

At some point in here I got to talk to Serenity near the photoshoot, but I can't recall when. (o_O)

And that was Saturday.

Miscellaneous SMS: (Huh. all the good ones were from Warp this day)
"Food with Kreggan nowish. Wait, uh, hrm. Sponsor lunch. Hrm." 10:36am
"[...]Sponsor lunch now." 12:03pm "Oh there are pieces of paper involved which I do not have." 12:05pm
"*chirrps from photo area* seen the Green Lantern fox?" "I wanted to ask him how he could possibly work with Ch'p." 4:26pm
"Hah. Stumped Nauta on what vivvies are." 9:12pm


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