Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Anthrocon 2007: Friday, July 06

On Friday, woked up and watched a bit of Jakers! on PBS with murakozi (Valent). Well-animated show, and we enjoyed the appearance of the non-talking non-morphic donkey Finnegan surrounded by the anthro, talking, main characters; as well as Mel Brooks doing the voice of a mischevious sheep. ... no really, MEL BROOKS AS A SHEEP. Then breakfast with Valent down at the Orchard Cafe, which puts out a solid spread, and onto registration work.

Another breezy morning at Pre-reg, with smaller staff but one that ably handled the modest crowds. At noon we compacted all registration into New Reg location, as they needed the room clear a little quicker than expected. Slickpuppy arrived via his ride from tyrrlin about that time. I stayed at registration until 2ish with Kagur, Sheila, Justin, Leo, Bennie, Krin, and others filtering in and out. Bumped into Berios on my way towards the Dealer's room, and poked him more about the comission he owes me. On the way saw rcoony, among other familiar faces on the way there.

Toured the dealer's room Valent and Slickpuppy, for the first strafing run of dropping off sketchbooks and conbadge comissions, grabbing artwork from Caribou, seeing Michael Oeming (wow, he just like.. got a table and came to sell Mice Templar ashcans. Wow.), giving Rafferty his Ratatouille Pez Dispenser. "It's a Rat that vomits candy!!" A real successful and spendy Friday, whipping through Dealer's room, then Artist's Alley. Bumped into warphammer there, and he, I, Slick, archai, and Kreggan went out for dinner. After confusion which I am to blame for having us on the wrong side of the river, we finally grabbed meals at "Gene's Last Chance",  a bar with a restaurant hooked on. Good economical food. The bird-people had to hustle back for 2's show, but Slick and I walked back via the Strip- found a record store and comic book shop along the way.. and something else I'll save for image roundup to relate.

I returned to registration bearing Garlic Parmesan chicken wings, which were handily devoured. Good chance to talk with the reg folks, until we closed up shop. After that, headed up to Warp's room to regrab my backpack, chat with assorted birdie folks a time. After that, headed back to the room for a while and relaxed, watching some TV until Slickpuppy (my roommate this year) came in, and zonked to bed.

And that was Friday.

Miscellaneous SMS:

"Someone should put a marker at the old Adams Mark site. :) " --Drake, 12:57pm
"*meefs to*" -Warphammer, 2:23pm
(discussing the 'protest' at AC) "Rather like the nuclear protestors at Parsons. Two showed up. It was the Reagan era, antinuclear folks were hard to come by, then. :)" --Drake, 11:46pm
Tags: anthrocon

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