Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Anthrocon Report 2007: Thursday, July 5th

Plenty of solid sleep, a carefully ironed chef's jacket, two cherry Pop-Tarts, and quite good in-room coffee. Mmmm. Then downstairs I headed for the request of paper hat from the Westin's Executive Sous Chef, who most kindly ;gave me one.

Around 11 or so, we began setup of registration- shuffling of stuff to its assorted rooms. Got to chat some with Tigerwolf as we got the setup rolling; that was nice as we've been talking much more now that he's on SL. bigtig's divide-and-conquer strategy on Thursdays involves a long setup, but excellent results, and this year we opened in the right pattern: Sponsor/Supersponsor, then Pre-Registration, then New Registration. S/SS was in the capable hands of Justin "The Sonic God" Reese, kagur, and krin_o_o_, and needed minimal attention throughout the day; in Pre-Reg I had a volunteer crew of fourteen.. FOURTEEN! They put me in charge of fourteen people? What are the fools thinking? But with 8 ID readers, 4 badge runners, two door guides.. the lines were processes quite smoothly. Rhennessa, Sheila, bloogryffe and the highly-capable derechodragon, along with eleven others I can barely recall, processed everyone, while I stood around and looked important handled the assorted complications, issues, problems and whatnot. Busy day at reg indeed... everything went fairly smooth though, except for some alphabet-shuffling early on.

Thankfully murakozi arrived and brought me some Chinese leftovers mid-day, and I was able to foist sketchbooks upon Aubrin, yiffer, and susandeer. Super-Sponsor consolidated up into Pre-reg just before a staff meeting interrupted the whole shebang. Another round of quick registering after that, and by 10:30pm we were able to make our escape, having processed over a thousand pre-registered people that day. Pshew!

After all that done, I headed out with warphammer and archai to get some foodstuffs at the "Eat 'n Park", which is apparently a regional Denny's- like chain with a lot better of drink options. Mmm, for approximately healthy foods and Chai Tea Milkshake. After that, searching for Warphammer's GPS, which had gone missing.. didn't find it in my room, or Warp's. It turned up a day later, but had Warp justifiably down that night, and I headed to bed feeling not-the-best either. Despite the great successes of registration that day.

And that was Thursday


Miscellaneous SMS:
"You know, I search all these AC photo archives and no one ever pictures you there. I need to see you working at mongo speeds. :)" --Drake, 12:12pm
"Moo" --Rhennessa, 12:15pm
"I'm in room 1911 Bighoof" --Valent, 4:02pm.
"*peeeks* Ahhh! I'm on 11, with.. uh.. everyoneish. Minus skan. In Arch's room. 1109." --Warphammer, 10:34pm
"The attendance numbers for almost every furry convention don't go downward." --me, "Au Contraire! They did for Confurence. :D" --Drake, 11:39pm
Tags: anthrocon

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