Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Anthrocon 2007 report: Wednesday

After the usual all-night packing session- which was managed in one suitcase, a backpack, and a camera bag (Much lighter packing than usual for me), I caught the 7am flight to Anthrocon. This was new for me, 7 Anthrocons before I've driven.. but the price was right, only $132.20 round trip. I had an hour wait for warphammer, after which we picked up the rental car, the everyone-hated-it PT Cruiser. Sufficient capacity, horribly loud engine and weird cabin. After Panera for lunch, we hit the hotel, dropped off schtuff. I gave Warp his raptor socks.

Akil dropped by, and he and Warp wandered off for foods and to nab Kreggan from the airport; I checked in at Con Ops. yammered with Bennie bigtig, and got sucked into the inevitable sorting of items, then into bag stuffing duty. This went very brisk this year thanks to a double-assembly-line of volunteers, and we had 3000 bags stuffed in about two hours. Rhenennessa and, the newly-met and instantly drafted Aquafox, as well as many others, involved in this as Con Ops tried to route around the line. Also, which they passed through Con Ops, I managed to get out sketchbooks and badge commissions to Heather Bruton, Diana Stein, and Jim Groat. Score! At some point in here I yammered with Loial Otter and his cohort, who were studying our registration setups, to help with their setup for RainFurrest. Msotly I pointed them to Bennie, though. :)

After which, left to my own devices, I wandered back to my hotel room (1620 this year. Eep!) I watched the Fireworks show from the hotel hallway, with a few other folks who were enjoying the 16th floor's perspective. Good to see fireworks.. something I almost always miss, due to work's demands. Heather & Diana finished that very night with sketchbooks and badges, and I picked 'em up.. then drifted off shortly after watching the triumphance of Joey Chestnut in the Nathan's Hot Dog Contest. Sometime after that I flopped into bed, needing my doze after 36 hours awake.
And that was Wednesday.


Miscellaneous SMS:

"Hiiiiii at chilis waitll you hear this stuff." --Warphammer
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