Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Resolutions update, as Tricuspa asked for it.

#1: The classic 'get fit and lose weight'. The goal here is the same as always: 244lb. Begun the year at 271, been as low as 260, presently at 265. In Progress, trying to keep it moving.

#2: Visit my primary care doctor twice, my dentist at least twice. Still one of four.

#3: Scan every worthy piece of artwork in my assorted sketchbooks, mine and others, and get them posted. Scanned and posted quite a lot, but some left to do. Doing good!

#4: Eliminate one, if not two, characters from my online repertoire. I still have too many. Nothing yet. Quite a few of my characters seem to be going to one night a week.

#5: Do things more resulting in long-term benefits, especially as regards friends and family, over quick and simple short-term things. Delayed gratification. Hard to measure, but some positives. Still letting myself get easily distracted.

#6: Enter the hard phase of "Stuff-reduction". EBay off at least 50% of my Transformers collection. Reduce, through Ebay, gifts, or charitable donation, my comic book collection to 50% its current size. Eliminate video games I will never play, likely through charitable donation. Nothing yet.

#7: Save $500 a month. HSBC savings account currently at $1500. Doing great! April unlikely though if I get a new computer; we'll see how the upgraded CPU on Emma goes.

#8: Eliminate obstacles to my love life. I will be focusing on doing one or two things a month, every month, which will increase my availability, minimize my distraction, and hopefully make me a.. better relationship choice. January: Success. February: Success. March: Delayed due to horrendous timing. April: One likely to occur near month's end, and we'll see about March's.

#9: Get Mom set for me to leave the house. This includes purchasing of a new computer for my use and setting her up with the former one, performing all necessary cleaning chores possible, tossing junk out of the basement and attic discreetly. etc. New computer somewhat delayed, possibly this month. Junk cleaning going slowly. A lot of discussion about my possible moving with Mom, whom is emotionally prepared for it now I believe.

#10: Increase my career path by studying one book or magazine every month that is cooking-related, to make myself a better chef; or, seek out an alternate career and prepare one thing a month in study for that. January: Cook's Illustrated magazine, but I am only counting that once this year. February, March: Nothing. April: Taking a Japanese cooking class at a local high school! It's continuing-education stuff, three hours on  three Mondays, no sort of college credit, and it's easy stuff. But it's informative stuff and very fun.

#11: Update my resume. 6 years since I've touched it, so much that needs to change. Nothing yet.

#12: Eat a snake. Planned for eapa's NYC visit in March, but it fell through due to restaurant closure. Looking for alternatives. only online source found for snake meat costs $50 minimum. Blaaargh.


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