Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Extremly mild blah.

There aren't too many sports teams I've rooted for that have vanished, relocated, renamed, etc. Mostly I root for Chicago or Detroit teams: The Cubs, Bears, Pistons, Blackhawks. They're not going anywhere, neither are college teams like the Baylor Bears nor the UConn Huskies.

But the Waco Wizards, a Western Professional Hockey League team, vanished quickly, and I hated to see them go; it was good for that little bump on I-35 between Dallas and Austin to have a little bit more pride again, after an economic slump and David Koresh had nearly murdered it all.

And now, as I began looking for NFLEL news, I've found out the Barcelona Dragons have folded. Meef. I was a big fan of the Dragons from year one, back when it was the World League of American Football. They had a cool logo, sweet green uniforms, played where the olympics were about to be held.. and they made it to the first World Bowl. How could I not like 'em? When they finally took the '97 World Bowl thanks to the arm of John Kitna (who is *finally* having good seasons again, too)

Well, the franchise had been the lowest-drawing for some years, so they've closed to be replaced by the Cologne Centurions. The NFLEL has been moving steadily eastward- this makes four German teams, plus Amsterdam and Scotland. I can't blame them for pulling the plug.

But, still, it's a blah. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our local AA team, the Norwich Navigators, doesn't go anywhere soon. I go to a few games every season; it's good to support a local team, eat $3.50 hot dogs and watch Major leaguers like Alfonso Soriano and Nick Johnson on the rise.


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