Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Quick call-out to folks.

Some of you folks may know, or have met, Kevin J. Mulder, aka "Slickpuppy". He's been a friend of mine for quite a while now, he's a talented artist, one of my go-to guys about comic book lore when I can't remember something. (The other, of course, is drakegrey.)

Kevin called me last night to let me know his computer had gone kerblooey, and he might not be online for a while. This was the Athlon Thunderbird 900MHZ system which used to be my computer, before its first, fixable, power supply Kerrblooey. He's been getting by with that system, though there've been freezeups and such- but based on his description, this sounds like motherboard issues, and he'll have to get a whole new system.

Which is where you folks come in. Kevin is a solid working guy, but his rent and living expenses don't leave him much left over after his blue-collar job. Even the price of a lower-end system, $300-500 or so, is going to be tough for him to manage, and might take a while to save for. I don't like my friends going offline for a month, and I'd like to help him out with this, so I'm putting a call out for a buy-him-a-new-PC fund. If we can get him a new, basic system that'll last for 5, 6 years, instead of the hand-me-down tech he's used to, I'm sure it will be of indescribable good to him.

Now, I've got a paypal account at . Anyone who has means and inclination, please plunk in a payment there. Around Monday or so I'll take the value of that, add in my own funds, and add it to a Best Buy card to send promptly to him. I'll include a list of folks who've given, unless you'd care to reamin anonymous.

Thanks, folks.

Tags: slickpuppy

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