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I'm using LJ to talk about how I'm spending too much time using LJ. Which seems either hypocritical or self-referential, but it's the simple truth that this is where to talk about it. In keeping with 2007's overriding theme of focus, I'm going to take a look at where 90% or more of my time is actually spent- everyone else's LJ- and look with an eye towards reduction. That's right, folks, it's an ax-post. Time to trim down, with the usual polite note on how removal from a friends list is meant with no unfriendliness, it's just that I spend over an hour every day keeping up and that has to be cut back.

So, let me take a look at whom exactly is in my friends list, or has friended me, and  see where the scythe shall reap. But there's no reason to be a particularly *grim* reaper...  

First off, anyone who's been going "Wait, why am I reading this LJ?", now's the time to remove me. I will take no offense in being removed from your friends list, because several of you are probably treading water to stay afloat the same. It's all about what folks have time for, not about 'friendship' levels. Also note, while this is part of serious focus in my life- don;t take your classification too seriously. This was written at 4am after all.

Now. Time to classify like Linnaeus. You may fall under more categories than the one you are listed under, but I'm not drawing Venn diagrams.

Category 1: Keepers

People who are pretty darn undroppable due to longtime friendship and/or nookie source:
buran, cbrenton, drakegrey, eapa, gyngerfox, horsewoofie, murakozi, roho, warphammer

Thought-provoking people whose comments section tells more about me than my own LJ does:
austin_dern, koogrr

Secondary journals from people whose main journal I read, and their other journal has an interesting focus too:
boventauren, kinshasa_tale, magnavixen, martinisat8

dellway, whyrl

SinaiMuck people who remain cool as ever:
boingdragon, frysco, loboguara, octantis, tuftears

Cool artists/creators, whose works I like to keep track of:
jedd_marten, saribou, spengler, woodlander, yiffer

Local furries who I ought hang out with more:
shirotenshi, spotweld

They update twice a year at best, but I don't want to miss it if they do:
alice_in_texas,cygnata, chariclo, gabrieli, jennbirdie, redwuff, sennard, with_gusto, yasha_taur

Felines whom are more like acquaintances-plus than deep friends, but whom have interesting journals and are important professional contacts, and whom I would not mind talking more with but don't want to be pushy or bothersome:
bigtig, giza, khromat

Excitable chicks, and no, that's not what I mean by 'excitable', *meef ack ouch* stop hitting me! Enthusiastic chicks who just make me smile with their posts because it's good to hear of good things happening to them, and who need comfort when they're down.
cornrelish, scullyraptor, snowmane_uni,  tyrrlin

People newly added, and while in a probationary period, I'll probably end up reading regularly:
annakitfox, goggremlin

Miscellaneous other folks:
bloogryffe,evilbenfranklin, gafennec, gryph0n, haystack, iron_raptor, normanrafferty, paracoon, rcoony, reptilemammal, tchall

Category 2: Likely to be axed.

Hey, where'd she go?

Folks who were closer once, but we've drifted apart.
dakhun,kiarrh,ipequey, skyglider, moonfires
Uhm, not that you're not a cool and froody person, but why are we watching each other's LJ again?
gabrielnotchear, keithbear, nikonraccoon, snowdog

Category 3: Also friend of:

Acquaintances that aren't friended, that I probably will not add to friends list. I'm trying to trim down, man! But hey, if you want to keep an eye on my LJ, that's cool, feel free.
captpackrat, diodracodizzybum, karou_windstalk,

Give me a while to ponder, brah, I just met you two weeks ago:

And Iiiiii think that's everyone.

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