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January 5th, 2007
12:28 pm


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And for 2007...
Let's organize these a little.

Category One: Lather, rinse, repeat. These are resolutions from last year, perhaps slightly modified.

#1: The classic 'get fit and lose weight'. The goal here is the same as always: 244lb.

#2: Visit my primary care doctor twice, my dentist at least twice.

#3: Scan every worthy piece of artwork in my assorted sketchbooks, mine and others, and get them posted. Still so much good art that needs to make it out of piles and into digital form.

#4: Eliminate one, if not two, characters from my online repertoire. I still have too many.

#5: Do things more resulting in long-term benefits, especially as regards friends and family, over quick and simple short-term things.  Delayed gratification.

#6: Enter the hard phase of "Stuff-reduction". EBay off at least 50% of my Transformers collection. Reduce, through Ebay, gifts, or charitable donation, my comic book collection to 50% its current size. Eliminate video games I will never play, likely through charitable donation.

Category Two: Focus is not just a car from Ford. These are resolutions which will put me where I want to be, hopefully, before the end of 2007.

#7: Save $500 a month. This is the big, hard, tough one. It will require a lot of cutbacks in my spending, minimize my vacation abilities, and eliminate some of my regular activities. But it is necessary; If I cannot put aside $500 a month while living <i>rent-free with Mom</i>, how will I afford an equity-creating place of my own, or to share rent with someone? I have already started a tinytiny bit of this ($200 down, $20 a month in a Share certificate earning 5.35%APR) and need to carry on, put money into 3-month CDs, etc.

#8: Eliminate obstacles to my love life. #4 is part of it, #1 is part of it. I will be focusing on doing one or two things a month, every month, which will increase my availability, minimize my distraction, and hopefully make me a.. better relationship choice. I will communicate those things clearly and transparently, so that the removal of these obstacles is seen, and I will take advice and incorporate it into scheduling.

#9: Get Mom set for me to leave the house. This includes purchasing of a new computer for my use and setting her up with the former one, performing all necessary cleaning chores possible, tossing junk out of the basement and attic discreetly. etc.

Category Three: 'Takin' what they're givin' cause I'm working for a livin'. The work resolutions.

#10: Increase my career path by studying one book or magazine every month that is cooking-related, to make myself a better chef; or, seek out an alternate career and prepare one thing a month in study for that.

#11: Update my resume. 6 years since I've touched it, so much that needs to change.

Category Four: ?

#12: Well, this one's the tricksy. These resolutions are things I see in myself that need improving, but no one ever sees themselves perfectly. That's why I'm sending this out to folks who know me. What should #12 be? What do you see in my life and situations that I should start, should give up, should increase or diminish? Comments are screened, so feel free to be forthright, even blunt. I'll take advice under good and thorough consideration.


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Date:January 5th, 2007 07:12 pm (UTC)
I find understanding the reason we do things is a lot more helpful than simply trying to change habits. So here is my input.

#2 Most Physicians only care to have a once a year check-up, is there a reason why you want to do it twice a year. Also in regard this most insurance only pay for one a year.

In regard #4, what is the reason? Do you spend more time by having an additional character. Does it hurt other that you're not around. What's the logic in this.

Follow up # 8, I have found VR love different then IRL love you really do need to get to know the folks before forming a serious relationship.

#7 I think you really need to identify what your wants and desires are, do you find money burns a hole in your pocket when you have it? Perhaps then what you really need to do is recognize your spending habits and figure which you can cut back on, or find a more efficient way to do it.

#10 Follow up with actually putting in some with practice, I try to do a Cooks Illustrated recipe a month to understand concepts. Get folks to try out stuff. Check if your work will allow you to use some of their equipment and possibly ingredeients, this will give you a better experience more than just book knowledge and you may also impress the folsk their with your creations.

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Date:January 7th, 2007 04:17 am (UTC)
(As Tria's comment has nothing I'd be embarassed by, unscreening it)

#2: Once for a general check-up, probably, once agian to keep an eye on certain problems and find appropriate medication.

#4: Both more character=More time, and time not focused ont he characters that matter to the most important people. Yes, I'm missed when I'm not around, I hear and feel it often.

#8: Yes, RL and VR are most different. But as I'm in long-distance realtionship again, VR is where I spend time with them. I am cognizant of differences, and focus is trying to make things complimentary and not divisive.

#7: Money doens;t.. the fgift cards for Christmas are, but I've been drastically saving this year. 401(k) has built plenty, debt's clear, and such.. just need to minimize certain activities (comics, eating out, CDs) and focus money towards them. Agreed.

#10. Yeah, I can cook plenty at work in free time, when it's slow. Ayup!

(Deleted comment)
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Date:January 12th, 2007 07:32 pm (UTC)
And, nothing too embarassing here either, so, unscreening.

#4: Well, darn it.. I wish that were the practical case. It might be nice to, say, consolidate Entau over to FM; But Cantata's not going to leave FluffMUCK I'm sure.. and FluffMUCK, as you know, has its 'quiet focus' advantages. But given those two, that'd still leave me with FM and SL to balance characters on. There is that whiplash indeed, and idles in this window while I try to keep up in this window and STOP GIVING ME LINKS TO YOUTUBE VIDEOS and then SL's buried behind and I'm not talking there for 10 minutes and NO I HAVEN'T READ YOUR LJ YET and... see that's where it starts falling apart.

And Focus is more.. the overiding princible of the year. Exactly. 2006 was a year of significiant exploration of options; 2007 is seeing the coalescing and focus now that I've done that exploration.

As for attending that one convention as a-character-who-is-not-Chiaroscuro.. I think that sounds like a fine idea, but I don't need to make a resolution out of that. :)

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