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January 1st, 2007
04:20 am


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2006 Resolutions in review.
Let's see now. How'd I do?

#1: Have all non-equity-creating debt cleared by year's end, hopefully by May. credit cards cleared in April or so, and the College loan in October. Accomplished!

#2: The classic 'get fit and lose weight'. The goal here is the same as always: 244lb. Down about 5 pounds from last year, but that's not nearly where I shuld be. Mostly failed.

#3: Coupled with #2 is to get a primary care Doctor/Clinic. 
I did once, but need to get back, and back to dentist too. Push.

#4: Scan every worthy piece of artwork in my assorted sketchbooks, mine and others, and get them posted. 
Certainyl got a lot scanned and uploaded, all the new art at the least. Much improved, much to go. Push.

#5: Eliminate one, if not two, characters from my online repertoire.. 
Done, Entau of FluffMUCK. Accomplished! Albeit, the easiest target.

#6: See my Dad. He's been at his new house for 2 years now, and I haven't visited; it's well past time to get myself to Tennessee.
Dad and I got to hang out thrice this year, but in New England. Accomplished,  but a TN visit  needs occur spring 2007.

#7: Enter the hard phase of "Stuff-reduction". EBay off at least 50% of my Transformers collection. Reduce, through Ebay, gifts, or charitable donation, my comic book collection to 50% its current size. Eliminate my stereo, because I listen to everything via iTunes anyway, and would even if the 300-CD Sony changer weren't chewing up disks. 
The Stereo and speakers are in the attic. The rest is still here. Failed.

#8: Figure out some core things about my lovelife. 
What a year. Accomplished!

#9: Wisely purchase a successor automobile to Meefer. 
Except Meefer's brakeword was modest, other problems aren't that problematic, and the car's still going great at 107020 miles. The new goal is 10 years/140,000 miles.  I thought better of this resolution and am wiser to not have followed it.

#10: Set aside one day each week where I will update LJ, no matter what, and my posts will come first before replying to other folks's. 
Failed .

#11: Do things more resulting in long-term benefits, especially as regards friends and family, over quick and simple short-term things. 
Still not having good luck with this, though I'm doing some things.  Mostly failed.

#12: Get a dog. I really, really miss having a dog. 

So, that's 4 accomplished; 1 changing of my mind; 2 pushes; 5 failures. Mmm. A mixed year as regards it all. But accomplishment #1and #8 made it a real turning point of a year. Next post.. 2007.


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