Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Furfright Report: October 20-22, 2006

Friday: After assorted last-minute stuff, made it to the Sheraton at noon on Friday. And things were already occurring, a real change from last year where Friday was a quiet time. A much nicer, busier Dealer's room than in year's pas, and I set about the business of distributing sketchbooks and, more important, conbadges-for-coworkers commissions. Talked to beerhorse (Dalia), saribou (Sara), yiffer, scullyraptor (Solange), raptor_midway (Fossil), Beowulf, and others there. murakozi (Valent) arrived soon after, and we got things set in the hotel room.. which was next to the elevators, and significantly noisy at times. Blah. Then again, it did make for a trip time of under two minutes to the dealer's room. 
Valent gave me a cute li'l Jutland figurine, I should note. Hee.
Sara, Valent and I headed out to the Skyline Restaurant for dinner at 6:30ish. very recommended, big portions of delicious food. Had a good time, though Valent's kidney stone started bothering him, so headed back to the hotel soon after. 'Twas a rough night for him, trying to sleep early was marred by hallway noise, and all the cranberry juice I was pushing at him didn't have any effect that night.

Saturday: Woke up early, headed downstairs.. tried to sneak out quietly to let Valent sleep more, but he followed down soon (after successful kidney stone passing to relief).. He, Dalia, Teaselbone, and somebody else joined me for breakfast at the Concorde restaurant, which was.. a notch below what it's been in years previous, unfortunately. Service was excellent, but food, off. After that, steady bopping between the dealer's room and hotel room, with moments of almost-napping, and the unfocused but entertaining Second Life Panel. Good, mellow passing of time, mostly in Valent's company, now that he was feeling better.
Around 7, wandered downstairs. Stymnus was playing Okami in the game room, which we watched and got the chance to try.. looked very fun indeed, might have to get that eventually. After that, the ever-fun Draw or Die event, where I managed to be part of 1 great, two fair, one awful strip. had an excellent moment singing "Werewolves of London" with Darkwolfie in excellent harmony.. still didn't win with a strip, dagnabbit! Then came my one official role at the convention, running the Apples To Apples tournament. It was fast, it was fun, i can't believe I let the winners fill out blank cards in my own personal home set. One card, of course, ended up as 'Yiffy'. With flavor text. What was I thiiiiinking... After that, hit the hay.

Sunday: Did the quick pop-in to Dealer's room, then the general shuffling things out of the hotel room and to the car, temporarily. Valent bumped into Ferian, Oryx, and giza, and we yammered a while while eating hamburgers, then we collected the last of arts from the dealer's room.. and somehow got onto the following conversation:

Me: "Hey Fossil, who was the star of Meteor Man?"
Fossil: "Robert Townsend."
Me and Valent: "Aaah, that's it."
Fossil: "So.. of course you ask the black guy that question, what's up with that?"
Me: "Hey, it worked."

The Snakes on a Plane T-shirt got high acclaim that day as well. After seeing Valent off to his flight back home, I ended up hanging out with Giza, chatting about this con, Anthrocon, this and that, and hunting down Cheetah to deliver him a spandex-dressed horse plush Valent wanted to give him. After that, closing ceremonies and the drive home.

It's sometimes tricky to make FurFright con reports. In some ways it's still just very laidback and mellow.. or, admittedly, boring in spots. But 515 people this year and the new space helped it turn from the faint air of "This is the local con we go to because it's a local con." into a solid, enjoyable convention, with its own solid character. Always good to spend the time with Valent, as well as others.. spotweld, Sara and Stymnus, Riismo, Chrono, plenty more. Just a good medium-sized con.

Tags: furfright

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