Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Anthrocon 2006: Monday, June 19th

Monday morning, like all Monday mornings after a convention, are somewhat sad. Last moments of seeing folks, who are all trying to pack up and check out.  Slickpuppy and I got most of the room packed while Buran slept, until we at last had to nudge her awake. Thankfully we managed an on-time checkout with only one missing item (later found in my backpack), checked out, got the car from Valet parking, and started on our way. Thanks to the assistance of Buran's GPS, we found us a Denny's on the way to the airport, got ourselves a solid meal, and got Buran to her flight in plenty of time.. Fromt here, Slick and I started back to Frederick.. and played 'Guess if they're Furries' at the first roadside stop. We did confirm on one car's worth by holding up AC badges, and they held up theirs in response. Made good time on the trip to Frederick, resting my legs for a little bit at Slick's home while he scanned in a picture or two for me, then proceeded onward for home. The last stretch was long and rather lonely.. a good 8 hours driving, the sun setting, the day growing full into night as I approached home. Some good chats on the phone, texts from folks, the iPod, and sundry kept it manageable.. still, to go from the boisterousness of the convention to eight hours of solitude made me weary and overly thoughtful. Rolled home at 3am, and collapsed to bed just in time to work the next day.

And ha! I did so finish this con report before the next one started. .. Which is Furfright today. *coughcough*


Miscellaneous SMS:
"Flight got in 30 min late and I didn't get the drink I asked for either. And my "No I do not want you to so go away" vibe is broken. But I am here." --Buran, 7:20pm
"*listens to a cover of please please please in guitar-rock style*" --Warphammer, 9:51pm
"I can hazard a guess as what those things are, and, your're talking like me. That's my morning and afternoon drive." --Drake, 12:11am
"And I do hope the good times there were excellent. I hate to say it but I envy you and the others who went." --Drake, 12:55am
"And hey, I hope you're keeping one eye on the road as you type, mongi. ;)" --Drake, 1:09am
"Wow... mongooses are so NOT decaffeinated. In fact, they're Hi-Octane! :)" --Drake, 2:10am
"And pic Warphammer posted of you is a keeper. nice goatee, Pharoah Chiaro-Amun-Tep. :D" -Drake, 4:17pm

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