Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Anthrocon 2006: Sunday, June 18th

Sunday's usually a quieter day, trying to tie up loose ends. After the usual morning stuffs- and a quick call to my Dad for Father's Day- headed down the two floors to Valent's room to talk for a few minutes. Wish I had longer, but he had to pack and check out, and I had to zoom down to reg before 10am. Reg was quiet, some last-minute people, but they helped push out count to a new high. Anthrocon 2006, biggest furry con ever. More time talking with Bennie n' Leo n' Mitch Marmel, and successful recruitment of derechodragon as official staff next year. Woot!

Around noonish, headed to the dealer's room just in time to catch the fursuit parade with Slick, Valent, Warp, Buran.. and Clyde. With these five in herd with me [*1], we got photos, Valent got his sponsor shirt and passed it promptly on to Slick. I have generous friends. A round of the dealer's room, picking up sketchbooks, last round of badges, art show peek-in. Sometime in these hours, ate at Subway with Slick and Clyde while coping with annoying hip-hop being played on the store radio.Also gave Warphammer his Bob Dylan CDs and Ursula Husted bat portfolio of ridiculous cuteness. . The final sweep of the dealer's room, I get my sketchbook back from gideon_hoss, and was reminded of the vital importance of the words, "And he should be wearing pants.". Mind. It's well-drawn nekkid mongoose.

Next comes standing in a very long line with Buran to get in the art show. wisely, we've arrived near the tail end of it, so it's easier to pick things up. Still rattled from Gideon drawing my unit, I manage to underpay for one picture and skip past another I'd won, Thankfully that's been settled now, thanks to PeterCat's diligence.From there, zipping off to closing ceremonies, a fast few moments afterwards to chat with Bennie.. then taking Warp to the airport, and getting meself valet parked. Whee! Now that Warphammer wasn't taking up space, we rounded up assorted people to invade his hotel room for gryph0n's laser show.

Freakin' awesome. Especially the audience scan part of it, details of which I cannot give because #1 it involved certain technical illegalities and #2 my brain melted to watch it. Skan: "Why are you guys all so quiet, I'm worried." Iron Raptor: "Because this is too awesome." I've never seen light dooooo those things.

After the incredibleness of that, Buran and I wandered downstairs to try and sniff out food. The Zoo managed to have some folks leaving candy and bad sandwiches and leftover pizza, and we managed some mealtime. Spotted drleo and we had a good chat about registration: What worked, what didn't, what we wanted to try next year, what the heck was gonna happen next year. We were both weary, I think him moreso than me. Skan started more Zenball, and Bu, Slick and I joined in. Allegheny I was perfect for it, and we enjoyed the ludicrousness, along with Jim Groat chasing and delivering a smackdown to iron_raptor. After seeing that, all else would be anticlimax, so hit the hay.

[*1] No, I'm serious. I walked, they followed. I stopped, they stopped. It was eerie. At least Valent and Clyde eventually got into horsienicker mode and took the pressure off me as herd leader.

--Miscellaneous SMS
"Don't forget. Father's day." -Kristen, 8:48am
"I'm gonna go take my stuff down to the car and check out before I forget" - Valent, 11:04am
"Awake but lazy." -Buran, 11:19am
"You still in reg?" -Valent, 11:45am The answer is usually YES.
"I'll head over to fakes room in a minute" -Valent, 11:48am. I know this is T9 mangling something, but I am amused.
"Heh you in here?" -Valent,12:19pm
"where arrrrre youuuuuu" - Warphammer, 12:33pm
"Eeeyah hoooold on... Meet you for dylan and bats..." -Warphammer, 3:45pm

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