Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Anthrocon 2006: Saturday

Saturday morning, again, early rising, pressing of chef jacket, and trundling downstairs to meet murakozi for breakfast, along with Hunter and Pat, a couple who live in his area. Once again, breakfast at Orchard Cafe, and downstairs to hit the registration desk, joining Bennie, Leo, and Mitch Marmel to handle the morning crowds; which were sparse and had a significant portion of reprints and one-day passes. Saturday morning used to be busy at Registration. Used to be. After things slowed to a  trickle,  and Buran had enjoyed her panel with Diane Duane and Warphammer his Super Sponsor lunch, met with the latter then the former for dealer's room and Art show wanders and bids. Spotted Aura Moser's print of Six True Words, on sale; news of its sale was met with amused pride by her (not at the con) player via SMS.

After that, some foodgrabbing, checking back at registration.. and on to the Second Life Panel at 4pm. This was an excellent and.. packed panel. Well over 200 people in attendance as Eltee, hydra_velsen, and 2 gave speechification; I was sitting right up front with bloogryffe, Warphammer, Buran, Clyde, Got to see the Luskwood Vixen fursuit, as worn by.. my former adoptive father from FurryMUCK. My, how 11 years changes things. (o_O) It was a very fun panel, and all sorts of SL in-jokes were made before things even got rolling

Editorial note: Second Life is really going to bring about the third age of furry fandom. The first (1970's-1992) was characterized by comic books and artwork of limited availability and minimal communication, the second (1992-2003) by online art archives (Avatar, Yerf, VCL), MUCKs, sketchbooks and a small but steadily growing base of fans, The third (2003-present).. going mainstream with Second Life, media attention coping with CSI and 'that rep as a fetish', and.. something I can't quite see yet with art. Make no doubt, though. There are already at least 30,000 people with furry avatars on Second Life; even if they use them seldomly that's more than every character created on FurryMUCK. ever. In 16 years. This is big stuff.

After the panel, a round of dealer's room, checking on conbadges, and finally catching up with the great Scott Shaw, our Guest of Honor this year. I presented him with my sketchbook, and an idea which had been percolating in my head for a good 5, 6 years I'd hoped he would draw. He accepted gladly, adding my book to his stack. Then, zooming off with Buran to the Kevin&Kell social, which I've been attending every year they've held it. This year at The Spaghetti Warehouse, which was a mere.. 12-block walk. Long blocks. Made it on time though, and with a balloon kittycat from the hostess and a pitcher of Sangria, my energy was restored. ... only $8 for a BIG pitcher of Sangria, which it took the whole table to finish. Got to chat with Bill Holbrook, naturally, as well as the been-at-all-the-socials Commander Kitsune and other fans. And good satisfying foodstuffs. And drank Sangria. Did I mention the Sangria? *hic*

Even with a gracious ride back to the hotel, we weren't back in time for Kage's show. Buran took a nap while I headed off for a talk with Warp in 2027, which only got relaxing after we both shut off our cellphones for a while. It's hard to slow down even for an hour or two... Even that didn't last long, as gryph0n summoned Warp and I to play some ZenBall. This involved rolling clear glass balls around on the carpet, while people were seated in a circle. It was mindless, but fun, and involved plentiful scrambles and complications from bad aim. I headed back upstairs as Buran and Slickpuppy were getting worried about me, flopped into bed, and slept..

--Chiaroscuro (trying to finish this con report before FurFright in October..)

--Miscellaneous SMS:
"Got it. Boy it looks different." -Buran, regarding Allegheny I, now that registration surrendered the room to panels.
"at the lunch now. Salad's good. Kinda weird-lonely this morning. Ovo" -Warp
"meet up and do art show and maybe get some talky time and stuff?" -Warp
"In the Center. Finding..." "Art show or dealers side?" --Warp, since apparently a tall chef's hat is not that visible by a 6'3" gent over crowds.(o_O)
"I trust fun being had by all. mucks really cleared out this year. :)" --Drake
"Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, this restaurant is like a mile away from the hotel.", me to Warp.
"I'm not sure he could make it that far on a pogo stick. Even being Jesus. Maybe Walt Kelly, as he knows his Pogo." --Warp
"heh. I could use something to drink myself. Ah well" -Valent, told about the Sangria.
"Peeeep. Plan?" -Warp
"Out of tub... Plan?"  "Peep" -Buran
"gah. Save Nemet and me from [------]'s party." --Valent

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