Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Anthrocon Report 2006: Wednesday

After a 6am rousing, packing, and breakfast of inordinately healthy cereal, Kage and Giza took the Anthrocon Truck on to Pittsburgh, where I headed south towards Baltimore. A leisurely enough drive, a stop at Panera for Lunch and the one bit of PSP-as-WiFi, and then picked up buran from Baltimore International. This is a fabulous airport, I must say: Sane layout, parking garages with LEDs to indicate open spaces, constantly updated information screens, and a 'First hour free' parking structure that I should have taken advantage of by circling. Ah well. -1-)

With Buran on board as well as her GPS-navigational system, we set out to Arundel Mills, where murakozi and I had stopped on my Preakness trip. Dave&Buster's was fine for lunch.. though we didn't get to use our game-card-combo deals, as we went right into the attached theatre to see Cars. Fun film, very much for kids, grandparents, and racing fans.Zooming along, we were westbound to Frederick, MD. We picked up Slickpuppy, zoomed to his comic book store (where I picked up Apples To Apples as a present for Buran), to the Supermarket, and then on the road to Pittsburgh by 7ish.

Now, Buran's GPS served mostly handy, but it was trying to steer me in directions clearly against what MapQuest had told me. After some brisk Atlas-checking, the GPS was over-ruled. After a stop at Breezewood for munchies, we figured out that an overly aggressive 'Avoid Tolls' setting was trying to put us on PA route 30.After that was clicked off, the drive through the lush spaces of Appalachia continued, and Pittsburgh was arrived at with no difficulty and just before midnight. That night, Buran, Slick, and I stayed at the William Penn Omni with the gracious cbrenton and Daliwolf. Clyde had prodcured one of the sweet nectars of life unavailable in Connecticut, Diet Mountain Dew Code Red. 30 bottles of 20 ounces apiece. such a kind horse. After listening to music a while and sussing out bed issues- their hotel had given them the single king instead of the requested two doubles- we all got some sleep.


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