Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Anthrocon Report 2006: Tuesday

Well, Monday thankfully I got about two hours early from work, so it made the last-minute packing a little less last-minute. I managed a good-for-me 3 hours of sleep, and hit the road at 10:30. Just the usual sort of stops for supplies, foodstuffs, and gas on Tuesday, making my way to Philadelphia for the 5pm loading of the Anthrocon truck.

Arrived there and helped load up the truck for round one. unclekage, giza, and.. many others were there. The truck was loaded with moderate efficiency and lots of jokes about MySpace and foxes, and afterwards we headed to a Chinese buffet, opting after long argument over car distribution to just walk the block and a half.

After the buffet, we of course got our respective fortune cookies. Kage read his.. and naturally added the ' bed' to the end of it. He then proceeded to read off Giza's similarly. Then, I opened mine.. and burst out laughing. I proceeded to pass it to Giza.. who did the same, and then passed it to Kage. Kage.. to his great credit.. did not laugh but made the best wild take I've seen since The Mask. Because the fortune was:

Behind an able man, there are always other able men.

After the dinner, a reduced crew followed the truck to Kage's home in [undisclosed tiny town in PA]. On the way, Meefer rolled over to 100,000 miles! Now I officially have a beat-up old car. Loading crew was me, Kage, gideon_hoss, astor_apatosaur, and two people I honestly can't remember. After the loading was finished, we enjoyes some fine Ouzo and LBV Port, chatted a while while Kage fretted over idiots making last-minute posts on the Anthrocon boards. Eventually everyone left but Giza, Kage, and myself. This year Kage very kindly offered sleepspace in his home to me, on a spare cot; much nicer than sleeping in my car and very much appreciated. Notice: This is not a cue for people to start going "Hey Kage can I crash at yer house?"

For one thing, if you do, you may have to cope with the memories of seeing Kagemushi in his underwear.


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