Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

At Last!

As of today, I am, quite happily, free of credit card debt. After years and years of paying, shifting and bouncing between about 8-9 cards - and a personal loan.. they're done. From here on in, it's pay the charges off every month, and build the points on the or United Airlines cars, the smart way. I'm not financially safe.. there's still one $1500 loan to get cleared this year... but at least, this take is done. Six years and three months after Baylor- almost as long as I spent there. It's feeling good, indeed.

So, naturally, I made a small splurge to suck away more money each month, with Even this is a cost-saving call, though.. given it's been 3 months I've had the PSP and spent nearly $100 on games/movies for it, and Gamefly will be $15 a month on the single-disk option, it should be a fairly smart way to go. (Incidentally, anyone want to buy a UMD of <i>Shaun of The Dead</i> or <i>Lumines</i>?)

Also, Anthrocon plans are looking to take a bit more shape. The room (2 double beds at the Westin) has been booked a while, but roommate assembly has been, as usual, a fairly slow process.I, Buran, and Slickpuppy will be rooming together, but we're looking for a fourth for bridge. Anyone who is going to Anthrocon, please, let me know; even the fact that you'll be there and already have a room booked will help with this process. If you are looking, I'm easily contactable here, page-mailed, emailed, SMSed at 860-$-961-$-6462. The room is booked Thursday to Sunday, though it's not a requirement someone be there all those nights.


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