Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Toxic Audio at Mohegan Sun's Cabaret, and what I told Drake about it.

Drake paged back several times in this. and while his comments were indeed appreciated and important... this was my shamelessly cool night, so they've been left out.

You'll get the gist of it anyway. :)

You page, "As for the concert.. well, it would have been very good. Toxic Audio came out, did their wonderful acapella music.. with excellent sound effects by the band too, I mean, I wouldn't have thought you could vocally recreate some of those beat patterns and sound so intensely and accurately. They did "Thriller", "Turn the Beat Around", "Stand By Me", and some more comedic bits.. A TV-channel-changing act with this one old lady from the audience that had people roaring.." to Drake.
You page, "Well, it would have been good.. except, of course, that there was additional audience participation. And, I was brought by a band member up on stage for a skit. :D :D :D" to Drake.
You page, "Which made it FRICKIN AWESOME." to Drake.
You page, "Okay, well, I waa brought up on stage, and handed a pile of signs. Which of course, I couldn't see at all. I mean.. i could have, but I knew that was part of the skit, that I wasn;t supposed to look at them. So I did a good job of trying to look at them without looking at them and going bug-eyed curious. One of the Toxins went out in-Audience and sand the line on the card: "Why Don't We Do It In The Road." :D Then, of course, I flipped through the cards as cued, which all of course had the same phrase, so, he rocked out the Beatles." to Drake.
You page, "Then of course, another Toxin comes on stage, we scamble to get the cue cards up again, and I go through another round of the cards.. this time one deliberately inserted upside-down, so the Toxin out in the Audience singing can do it backwards. ;) Theeeeen...." to Drake.
You page, "Then, finally, after the next card-scramble, the first guy is back on stage.. takes the cards.. hands me the microphone, and runs back out in the audience. Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy. So, I summon my best Steven Van Zandt[*1] meets Meatloaf voice, and belt it out. And thanks to the sound guy adding plenty of reverb, and it being an easy series of tones... I sound so good, I think one of them's overdubbing me. Applause! Cheers! and a free CD handed me by the Toxins. ;)" to Drake.
You page, "I am not a quality singer, much as I try. But it was a good song to let loose on, and the sound guy did great. I had 6 people else in the audience compliment me on my way out, and one guy ask if I was a ringer. :D I also got the CD signed by all 5 Toxins, so, I'm very jazzed about that.. it did rock. And oh, I was very motivated." to Drake.
You page, "Oh yes, oh yes. it was a cool moment that will have me super-charge a long while. It'll be LJed up tonight. :D I think they had the knack to spot someone with a 'natural showmanship and outstanding and outgoing personality', or, as I'd admit, a shameless ham. :)" to Drake.

[*1] I really meant Ronnie Van Zant of Lynyrd Skynyrd, not Steven Van Zandt of the E Street Band. Whoopsy.

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