Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Quick updates

In the tradition of austin_dern, I won't say who's visiting until after they go home, just to make some of you guess. Especially, of course, austin_dern. Picked said guest up Saturday at T.F.Green airport, running a bit late after work.. but we got to Dave&Busters, and had a good time playing the games, especially 'Super Trivia'. Cleaned up on tickets agains a competition of tipsy-on-average people, and I repurchased Kingdom Hearts after having lost my first copy with GBA a year ago. After that, back home, where I fiddled with the new iPod (video, 30Gig, Black).

Sunday morning both of us and the Mom'goose headed to Foxwoods for a nice lunch, one made nicer by having a $100 comp. Wandered about a bit, then I had to head to work while Mom'goose nicely took her about to some photogenic sites, Fort Griswold, Coast Guard Eagle, someone's house with a ferret. I'm still not quite clear on why the latter, but the pictures are cute, I'm sure she'll share them. After that, I introduced her to two bizarre japanese products. Sudoku and Katamari Damacy. The latter has proven more addictive.

Today, Monday, we both slept rather late.. had just enough time before work to eat at a Subway with "Water Unfit for Human Comsumption". Nice, clear signs on the doors that they'd failed the Ledge Light Health District well water inspection. We followed Mexican rulse and had soda and apple juice with our subs, as it was still plainly wiser to eat there than the Chinese restaurant next door. She dropped me off at work, spent some time driving about to get comfortable with my car before we head to the Washington DC region tomorrow. Work was quiet today, and now she's playing More Katamari Damacy while I catch up on net-things. I'll be offline until Monday night, I figure.


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