Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

So very behind in quality upgrades. Quick coverage of topics.

Drawn by Tyrrlin!

How's my life doin'?

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It was very fun and mellow. Much art to share when I get the chance. Spent lots of time in the Game Room playing Munchkin and Apples to Apples, with spotweld, Pop the Pup, Vellux, and others; Yammering with Bradley in the Video Game room, and Dealer's room time spent on many a quality artwork, but also notably chatting with scullyraptor, raptor_midway, saribou, and beerhorse. There are always Artists I buy stuff from and artists I like to spend time with, and these four are both. Also bumped into Yiffer Fox and Will Sanborn, who I got to at last meet, and he seemed like a very nice chap. Most of the con was spent with murakozi, who was my roommate again and a great friend to be around. Managed to find some excellent foodstuffs with him on route 75 outside the airport, including the whole turkey for Happy Hour. :9

FurFright is the mellow con. As I was telling Warphammer.. "I'm late for the con! The dealer's room is open and I'm not there.. and it feels great. I couldn't do that at Anthrocon." Anthrocon's still a bigger, greater con, but at FurFright I'm not trying to do three cons at once.


Stress is dropping as construction delays mean my current position will be safe until March. Not sure about plans after that, but attrition will likely be my friend.


Single again now that Meaghan and I have broken up. o/~ These things happen, so let's not hold a funeral and waste any more of our time/ Things were great, now they're not so great, that's the end of the story- let's move along. o/~ --Michael Shelley, Move Along


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