Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Anthrocon Report: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

The best time to begin this report is Tuesday at 10am. when I woke up, worked... and promptly pulled an all-nighter packing for Anthrocon. The actual packing took fairly little time, but there were about 2 hours or wrangling with, then printing images.. on a printer that ran out of yellow ink near the start. Grrr.

At 8am Wednesday, I'm prepared enough to throw all equipment into the car. After getting tires rotated and images printed at Staples, and a solid breakfast at the Gridlock Grill, I'm on the road by 10am.. wait. Yes. That's 24 hours without sleep. On the good side, I-95, the parkway, the turnpike are easy roads chock-full or rest stops. Still. When the Petit Visual Hallucinations set in at 3 in the afternoon in a car with no air conditioning, it's just not going to be an easy drive. Kept myself together until my arrival at Frederick, Maryland at Slickpuppy's pad.

Was good to hang out with Slick, as always.. watched all the bonus stuff from The Incredibles, ate pizza, he gave me an excellent piece of art.. little-kid Chiaroscuro dressed as Billy Batson becoming a Captain Marvel mongoose with a "Shazam!". I must scan it, as well as other fine art from this year. Fianlly got to bed about 11, after 35 hours awake.

Thursday, a nice early start towards Philedelphia, even with having to double-back for Slick's colored pencils. Made it into Philly by noon, and despite having to park on the roof of the Gateway garage, made it to the room, unpacked, and back down before registration action started. This year I was helped by some excellent folks, far too many to name, but Tyrrlin and Riismo were quite helpful, as was.. one gentleman who's name I'm blanking on. I also roped Iron Raptor and Warphammer into assisting me at points. Pre-Reg went very smoothly indeed on Thursday.. an estimated 625 people processed from 3pm-9pm, and then 25 more at Midnight Registration. That, plus successful foisting off of a sketchbook to Benjamin "Yiffer Fox" Rodriguez and a conbadge commission to Heather Bruton had me ahead of the game on Thursday, when I finally got to sleep at 2am.

And that was Thursday.


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