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June 15th, 2005
02:38 pm


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Stress not only makes Millie's fur fall out, it also makes gives her Cartoon UniEye for the first time. This is a necessary result of Ozy & Millie eye size increase, and Millie doing it before any other character I've noticed is fitting... I just wonder if bluerain even notices he's doing it.

Rae, a co-worker who's in her 50's, was curious over my iPod mini. Naturally, I showed it off and passed her the headphones.. currently playing was They Might Be Giants's "Cyclops Rock" (which should surprise few of you). Now, her comment a few momoments later floored me.. "Who is this? It sounds like M. Doughty." That's M. Doughty of Soul Coughing and more fringe-alternative music solo, who partnered with They Might Be Giants on two songs at the same time Cyclops Rock was coming out. Yes, the two are musically similar, but I'd have been impressed that anyone would connect the two stylistically.. let alone Rae. It's good when co-workers can stun you like that. :)

So, a quick review of the MSI concert: Webster Theatre took forever to find, but is a very nice club venue.. big stage, faintly sloped for nice visibility, and tiers towards the back for seats, then the bar in the very back. It lacks the homey rock atmosphere of Toad's Place or The Bowery Ballroom, but that could be fixed with some good posters or autographed glossies high on the wall.
Two opening bands: first was Programmed for Death, who remind me of The Police, just with louder drums and guitars, as epitomized by the bassist with black shoulderpads and up and down arrows painted on his belly. The second band was The Horror, and the name is fitting, as they were soundly horrible. Gothic Metal can work, but not when blended with spoken word recitals, harmonica, and a lack of talent.
The headliner was Mindless Self Indulgence, who are Meaghan's favorite or second favorite band. Now.. they're talented, and the lead singer knows how to work a crowd clad in Hot Topic properly. All credit to him for good stage presence and banter- the best bit of which involved holding up a condom and tampon thrown on stage, and saying, "Now, whover threw this..." *shakes condom* "Isn't getting lucky with whoever threw this." *shakes tampon*
So, all credit to them for talent, though it's really not my blend of music. Industrial with a bit of a punk face on it.. though they couldn't hide completely the guy on the computer and synthesizer running the loops and fills. We was at far stage right. Just a bit too many curse words for me, and sounds choppily moving from one chord to another.. it's the sort of music where there are condoms and tampons thrown on stage, let's sum it up at that. It's like melon. I can tell good melon from bad melon, but I just don't have an appetite for it even if it's of high quality.
Getting my car towed during the show and having to pay $104 to bail it out didn't make for a great finish to the night. Luckily Meaghan and her sister (who also attended the show) were still close enough to give me a ride to the towlot- The two, though, having a heavy sibling squabble that took a while to fade, even with me using my best Jedi Mind Tricks on 'em.


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