Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst (chefmongoose) wrote,
Chiaroscuro Lyle Themyst

Grahrgh. grrf. meef.

Well, the Best Guy giftcard I had for christmas was used (along with $84 in cold, hard cash) to purchase myself... the same cell phone I had before, the Virgin Mobile v5 Slider *MTV Edition. Far too long a name for a phone by far, but a small, portable, and efficient phone I know how to use well and will have a case for when I return home. It was that or the picture-phone, and with $70 difference, opted for the Slider.

I must like this phone, as I've made the concious choice for it three times now; Admittedly, I've only paid for it once. Slider-1, which I had been using up until yesterday, was a christmas present from my father; Slider-2 was purchased at Best Buy and found to have been "Previously Enabled." No idea how that happened with the packaging intact, mind. So today, Slider-2 was exchanged for Slider-3, which was quite fine and functional from the get-go.

I charged and set it up while Buran and her VW friend Troy worked on her car, installing the new headlights. I hung around the periphery and pretended to help now and then. After that, went to Buran's parents's house (Gorgeous!) and to a nice pasta dinner with them. Buran has some very cool parents indeed, and a nice dinner was had at "The Pasta House Co.", Calamari, tortellini in a carbonara soauce, delightful chocolate cake and a good glass of Reisling. Mmmm.

In any manner: This means my cell phone must now be updated with contact information, if I am to call or SMS any of you fine people, as I don't actually *know* your numbers. So, If you want me to have your number once again: tonight before 1am CST, or tomorrow from 9am CST to 9pm CST, or.. somewhere down the line, please send text messages or call to (860)(961)(6462). Telemarketers, this does not mean you. And yes, it is the same number as before. Thanks all.


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