September 3rd, 2008

Uncertain, Worried


Tuesday went nicely: Lunch with Jaytee at a wing place on Long Beach Island, getting to see the Quick Stop from the Clerks movie, and then dinner with Fossil and ScullyRaptor, two fine folks it's good to see in outside-the-con environment.

In fact, it's been good to see so many of these folks in outside-a-con environment, even if a lot of what we're talking about are the cons; It's just.. unhurried, and freer. Good times indeed.

But now I'm back home in Connecticut, arriving at about 2am. Or is it home? I had the same reaction to it as to Warphammer's or Slickpuppy's place as I pulled in the driveway. Not "I'm home", but "Ah, I know this place." One of the clearest signs, I think, that it's time to seriously think about a relocation.

But, that can wait. Time to clear off all the mail Mom'goose has tossed on my bed for the past two months, and sleep.