August 16th, 2008

Cooking, Chef

In Tennessee!

I left Houston Wednesday early, for the longest stretch of the trip- 13 hours total between drives and stops. Dodged a falling tree, which is more dramatic than it sounds, but confirms in me I'm a better driver than I used to be when I hit completely stationary trees. At 10mph. When I got to Huntsville.. well, I'll just excerpt haystack's LJ rather than write my own:

My friend Chiaroscuro got in around 8 PM Wednesday... we had a really nice time during the day or so he stayed here. He brought a really messed up movie called Waiting.... [...] I showed Chiaroscuro Talladega Nights, an equally-wrong movie, in answer, and much fun was had.

We had nice meals at Bandito Burrito #1 and at Edo... spent most of the afternoon today visiting the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Yes, I finally went past the gift shop, folks, and I'm glad I did. It was pretty awesome seeing the actual Apollo 16 landing capsule, which is on display in the old main museum. The shiny new Davidson building has a full-size Saturn V -- I don't know whether it's a mock-up like the upright one nearby, outside -- that has the stages and crew/support modules lined up end-to-end, with lots of little displays along both sides. There's also a piece of Skylab in the old main museum -- and yes, if you were wondering, it DOES look charred from its re-entry.

Haystack was fine company indeed. I'm still wrapping my brain around him being both an anime-watching furry artist VW fan, and a Nascar-watchin' chaw-usin' beer-drinkin' southern guy, but that's probably due to my Yankee brain needing reprogramming. :) It's just new to see those both in the same person.

On Thursday afternoon I headed to Tennessee. Today (Friday) has been the Cumberland County Fair, which is pretty much the classic generic county fair: pickled beets with second place ribbons, quilts, giant squash, fancy chickens, cheap carnival rides painted by semi-professional airbrushers, funnel cakes. Also, my grandfather bought a $300 eMachines computer at Wal-Mart, and I helped him set it up.. replacing his old one he'd been running for 8 years so so. Got it set up with minimal fuss, hurrah, and I type this LJ upon that very computer.

Tomorrow, visits with aunt, uncle, cousins who live near; and Dad's up here for me to help him load heavy objects to transport down to his new place in Warner Robbins, GA.