November 26th, 2007

Me, Smile

Quick Throws

It would take 28 White Russians to kill me

The Dude shall abide at 27.

MFF was great. My incognito was exceedingly blown, except maybe for Kage. I'm not sure, he's a busy man and can't be expected to recognize everyone who's seen him in his underwear. All the requisite stops made, and a good, low-key, didn't have to be busy convention- the sort it's hard to tell stories of but was good. Conveyer belt sushi. Gummi snakes. $1 Gideon badges. Seeing Jim groat make freaky-face. Noticing the chord progression on "Dead Puppies" is a lot like Pachebel's Canon in D. One-biting a White Castle "And no reversal!".

Pure wrongness of Sesame Street.