January 20th, 2007

Me, Smile

Blowing my computer

So, I came home to find Emma (my computer), still on (signs of Mom'goose using it).. but with the trackball utterly unworking. It wouldn't move the mouse pointer, nor click. Check the trackball.. seems fine, unplug-replug. Nope.

So, rbeoot time. Nnnnno that doesn't work either, and tha new version of YIM I installed yesterday of course wants to start up automatically. Close. Close you. Clos.. aw screw it. *power off*

Okay. Backup mouse, the cheeseball one that came with Emma, is in the spare room, didn't take too much digging. Power on and.. no result. Switch back to trackball.. still no.

Okay, time to go casedigging. Undo all the cables, open it up, and blow a lot of the dust away, as plenty has accumulated. more then plenty. *tissuedusts* Hmm. It all looks normal.. let's plug things back in and...

Hey, now it works again. Trackball's still fine and functional. Put the case back on, good to go. I'm not sure if I should be happy it was an easy fix, or disgusted I let my computer get too dusty to work.

I think I'll go for happy, as it lets me post this.