August 26th, 2006

Me, Smile

Quick stuffs has a very fun review of Snakes on a Plane by Kinsasha.

Car: 102.587% dead. No wait. I have now decided to take Meefer the Escort to 140,000. so. I must.. uhm.. no, I'm not going to divide percentages by fourteenths. 10 years/140K is the target now, instead of 7 years/100,000, the original intent.

Buran's sucked me back into City of Heroes (and bought me City of Villians too! much thanks.) Though she's already outleveled my best character. *shakes fist*

SecondLife has been uncrashy (if so-so yet on frame rates), so a new computer is being postponed until 2007. It's really the only thing this system has any difficulty with, and I can handle 3 FPS in Luskwood.

And, yesterday I picked up Madden 2006 for PS2, following my overall cheapskate policy for a game I play once a month or so: Buy it on the cheap after the new year's release. $12.99 for 2006 versus $49.99 for 2007.

At long last, the dining room is painted. All that's left after this summer's hallway/living room/dining room painting is the stairwell leading to the attic.

Everyone read Finder. Start with 'King of The Cats'. You'll be hooked soon enough.