August 20th, 2006

Me, Smile

Anthrocon 2006: Saturday

Saturday morning, again, early rising, pressing of chef jacket, and trundling downstairs to meet murakozi for breakfast, along with Hunter and Pat, a couple who live in his area. Once again, breakfast at Orchard Cafe, and downstairs to hit the registration desk, joining Bennie, Leo, and Mitch Marmel to handle the morning crowds; which were sparse and had a significant portion of reprints and one-day passes. Saturday morning used to be busy at Registration. Used to be. Collapse )

Me, Smile

And more recently..

Mother----in' Snakes on a Mother----in' Plane.

It was good. Very much a B-movie in some ways (Of course the plane is eventually landed by a guy whose only experience is flight simulators! Of course the couple joining the Mile High Club get bit first!), but Samuel L. Jackson was the proper badass, the other characters were fun and interesting, and... you weren't sure who was going to die in the snake attacks. That made it a compelling movie.

And yes. I was hungry afterwards.