August 5th, 2006

Me, Smile


Power was out from Thursday night until very late Friday.

On the bad side, this has put me behind in LJ, email, TKEP, podcasts, and plentiful other things.

On the good side, I cleaned my car, ran errands, got to hang out at Sarge's with Serenity and Pardus, and saw Pirates of the Carribean II.

On the bad side, I had a night of bleah overheated sleep, and a day of avoid the house with no A/C running.

On the good side, I did sleep, and in the morning was able to shower over Gar-Dog's house.

Overall: Semi-restful, productive... But no power at home means no real resting there, not in August heat.

In other news: Days off are shifting back to Friday and Saturday, which they haven't been since December. I've looked that gift horse in the mouth and I'm gonna ride that nag while it lasts.