June 4th, 2006

Me, Smile

The one snag so far

Anthrocon plans are coming along pretty well. The conbadges-for-coworkers are going well with 3 of the 14 precommisioned.. photos for reference mostly taken care of, car mostly cleaned. Still have to hunt for my old Captain Carrot comics to get autographed by Scott Shaw. And even though I've got several airport runs to make, I should be able to without much problem. Only one tricky bit.

Tuesday (13th) I'll be headed down to help with loading the Anthrocon truck in Philedelphia, for making the run to Pittsburgh. That'll run from 6pm-8pm, after which is apparently Chinese food eating time. Assuming that wraps up 9:30, back at my car at 10pm, in Philedelphia. .. where the heck am I staying that night?

Wednesday, I have to be to Baltimore Airport to pick up buran from her flight, around noon. So, the 5 hur drive home and 6 back to baltimore is right out. I could possibly crash at someone's place.. My first two thoughts are friends in Virginia and Maryland. Both are at least 3 hours away, though, meaning that I'd get there at 1am. 11pm if I skipped Chinese, but that's still late. :P

Hotel is possible, somewhere along the Philly-Baltimore way, but that's more expense for the trip. I could just doze in my car.. not the best of sleep, though. just before a convention I'll be busy at.

So, without begging- just checking on possibilities- I'm asking around if anyone might have sleeping space convenient for my travles, and not minding a late arrival? That or good ideas?